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Crypto Assets, the bright future of Blockchain have been exhibited at CES 2019 of Consumer Technology


CES describes Bright Future For Crypto

Over 180,000 technology experts have welcomed Las Vegas this year to the CES show at the Consumer Technology Association. It was perhaps one of the largest crypto-trade shows ever held in the world, with over 2.7 million square feet of exhibition space. Well, it was an opportunity for cryptic investors to fulfill the emerging trends in the fast-moving blockchain and the cryptic world.

It was a WOW! The show has shown a great innovation regarding the blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Here are some of the ideas you should appreciate as a crypt of investors this year.

Cryptocurrency hardware portfolios

You could be in doubt hardware cryptocurrency portfolio. Now it's confirmed, they are legitimate !! Both the Ledger and Trezor brands stole the show with some incredible hardware portfolios. Thanks to Ledger, we now have NANO X, an advanced version of NANO S. is a Bluetooth-enabled hardware portfolio with the capacity to contain six times more cryptographic resources than NANO S. has a capacity of up to 100 cryptographic resources. It was also a step forward for Trezor with the Trezor Model T hardware portfolio.

It is now mobile-first

Famous people like IBM Jason Kelley have made it clear that blockchain technology is the key to the realization of the Internet of Things (IoT). According to Louise Keely of EY, cities around the world have begun to appreciate blockchain technology in their efforts to create a mobile-first world.

Revolutionize marketing

The effectiveness and efficiency of the use of video games and other multimedia platforms as marketing tools have raised concerns in the blockchain world. Advertising agencies have lost nearly $ 20 million in advertising fraud. The representatives of BTC Inc., Nexus and Entertainment AI presented detailed presentations on the progress of the media and entertainment industry revolution to help curb these losses.

Cryptocurrency for transactions

Retailers around the world have ignored the use of cryptocurrency to make the payment, concerns have been addressed to the volatility of cryptocurrency. During the session, speakers provided vital information on the viability of cryptocurrency as a means of payment for retailers. Above all, stakeholders in the blockchain and currency have organized targeted meetings to help establish the crypt as currency and technology. Brock Pierce and Steven Becker, respectively of the Bitcoin and MakerDAO foundation, took part in these debates.

In addition, Pundi X (NPXS) presented "Function X", a blockchain-based phone. The piece runs on Android 7.0. Plans are underway to get over 5000 pieces released in the market in 2019. It will improve the blockchain-based transaction.


The ICO migrations to the STOs loomed over the cryptic world in 2018. It was not expected that the subject would be presented, but it was time for a confession! Rob Pegoraro from USA Today was the first in line. He identified the situation of Icos with stories of other people's references.

Draper (Trezos) and Matthew (Bloq) have followed the example with interesting personal experiences with ICO. Migration will not stop soon.

These ideas represent a bright future for blockchain and crypto investors. It seems that 2019 started with a bang for the Crypto community.

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