Cryptic Labs adds to economists graduates of the Nobel Prize the task of strengthening Blockchain education


Blockchain research laboratory Cryptic Labs has nominated two Nobel prizes for the economic sector in order to expand its blockchain experience, announced in a press release on Monday 10 September.

Cryptic Labs, which states its mission is "solving the fundamental security problems to advance the growth of blockchain technology", appointed Dr. Eric S. Maskin and Sir Christopher Pissarides in his economic advisory committee.

Together, the press release will announce among others the experience in macroeconomics fields to address the current state of knowledge of the potential and internal mechanisms of the blockchain.

The version states that the assumptions "will provide insights into incentive mechanisms, game theory and macroeconomic policies, reinforcing the institution's mission to address the lack of blockchain experience in the field in both fields." [19659002] Already active in the Cryptic Labs team is the chief scientist Dr. Whitfield Diffie, whose name has risen to prominence in the circles of cryptography after winning the Turing Award of 2015.

Commenting on his appointment, Pissarides remained in balance on the prospects of the blockchain, noting:

"Blockchain is the most exciting development in the financial markets in recent years, but we still do not know enough to recommend a wholesale transition of all our blockchain transaction records. . "

The topic of the gap between interest blockchain and expertise remained a point of discussion this year. The 2018 blockchain survey by Deloitte revealed among other statistics that more than 70% of managers consider themselves "excellent" or "expert" in the blockchain field.

At the same time, some companies have drawn contempt for having altered their names by including blockchain-related terms without technology integration.

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