Crown victims increase in 5 Arab countries


Reporter / Anatolia

On Sunday, 5 Arab countries saw an increase in the number of deaths and injuries caused by the Corona virus, according to official data.

In Egypt, the Ministry of Health announced in a statement that it had registered 14 dead, 272 injured and 40 recovered.

The ministry said the total number of victims of the virus in the country reached 6,465 infections, including 429 deaths and 1,562 recoveries.

In Algeria, Crisis Cell spokesperson for the ministry of health Jamal Forar announced that the total number of corona deaths had risen to 463, after 4 cases were recorded.

Vorar said in a press conference that his ministry had registered 179 cases of the virus, bringing the total to 4,447, of which 1,936 recovered.

In a related context, several Algerian governorates announced that they were withdrawing from decisions made at the beginning of the month of Ramadan, to reduce preventive measures to prevent the spread of Corona.

The decisions included most of the country’s 48 provinces, such as the country’s largest cities, Algiers, Oran (west), Constantine, Blida (center), M’sila, Ghardaia (south), Jijel, Skikda (east) and other states, according to the correspondent of Anadolu.

At the start of Ramadan, the Algerian government announced the lifting of the freeze on previously banned businesses as part of the measures to deal with Corona.

For its part, the Iraqi Ministry of Health said in a statement that there were two deaths in Corona, 77 injured and 17 healed.

It indicated that the new statistics increased the total number of injuries to 2,296, including 97 deaths and 1,490 recoveries.

In Morocco, Mohamed El-Youbi, Director of Epidemiology and Diseases at the Ministry of Health, said in a statement that the total number of deaths per crown had increased to 141 after a new case was registered.

Al-Youbi said his country had 174 injured; The result rose to 4,903, while 1,438 people were cured.

In Somalia, the Ministry of Health has announced the registration of one death, 51 cases of crowns and 10 recoveries.

The ministry indicated on its Twitter page that by recording the new statistics, the total number of HIV infections has risen to 722, of which 41 have died and 44 recovered.

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