Coursera and ConsenSys work together to offer a free Blockchain course starting today


Blockchain technologies are here to stay. There are many adoption cases that have already been implemented by small rollover operations to multi-billion dollar "smart city" projects. However, modern society still has to adapt to these technologies, understand them and use them to fully exploit their potential.

Since Blockchain is a relatively new field, few are the study options currently available on the market; however, every day more initiatives appear so that the interested public can understand – from an academic point of view – the reality and uses of the DLT.

An exciting initiative to promote blockchain technologies is the joint effort between Cousera, a pioneering site in the field of digital teaching and the ConseSys Academy, a branch of ConseSys focused on education of the public on the Ethereum blockchain.

Both platforms have joined forces to create the "Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases" course as a public introduction to the world of DLT. The course has an academic focus, using the structure and research techniques typical of any traditional methodological course.

"This course is the definitive introduction to the blockchain for the audience of developers and not developers.Throughout the technology, this course will introduce you to some of the philosophies that underlie decentralization and why c & # 39 There is so much excitement in all of this, together we will examine the cases of use of the companies, we will listen to the leaders of the sector and give you the opportunity to develop and analyze yourself a case of use. only you will be the one who can explain blockchain to your colleagues, you will be well on your way to making corporate decisions with your new, fundamental understanding of technology.

One of the most important advantages is that the course is completely free A fundamental difference from other similar quality options that require payment due to the limited availability of available resources and study options.

The team ConsenSys states that despite the peculiarities of the study program, it was created with the aim of attending a large and diverse group of students. In this way it is guaranteed that both a housewife and a business person with a high academic background can understand its content:

"This course will be beneficial for anyone interested in learning the basics of blockchain, from business leaders who want to get a better understanding of technology for teachers, technologists and others looking for an introductory springboard into the world of blockchain.

The course will last for 5 weeks with a duration of 2 hours per week. will offer 30 videos and 20 different readings, specially created and reviewed by the academic team responsible for the course

Those interested can register by clicking on this link

If you are interested, you have to hurry! The course starts today! Good luck! [19659012] Girl in a jacket “/>

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