Could TRON TRX skyrocket in the coming weeks?


At the moment, experts see TRON TRX in a very bullish light. Following a series of announcements and, of course, speculation, many now believe that TRON TRX could enter a bull run in the coming days, one that could really help strengthen TRX's market capitalization and, above all, even the price of it.

At the time of writing, TRX remains stagnant, valued at $ 0.020, down 0.30%. In recent months, we have seen the TRX fall up to 59%, however this is mainly due to a general retreat market. However, since the launch of the TRON main network and the TRX token migration, TRX has not made significant progress.

According to ZyCrypto:

"Tron is overturned by many experts to increase in the coming days, given recent developments in the currency." Underlining the list of positive currency reinforcements is under negotiation for Bittrex, one of the world's largest cryptocurrant exchanges The Tron platform is also compatible with Dapps and this has attracted Dapps developers on Ethereum's Blockchain Recently, Tron has unveiled a project called SeedGerminator, an accelerator designed for developers who want to produce different products as tokens, Dapps and other technologies on its network. "

The pending announcement of Bittrex and of course the further development of TRONs DApps could well see the value of TRX taking a recovery in the coming days, although this assumes that the current negative market will not fall deeper, otherwise TRX could even once again, stay tight in the grip of the bears.

Another exciting development within the TRON project stems from a recent statement by Justin Sun, the founder of TRON. He recently spoke about the success of the TRON Virtual Machine, a system that now allows the implementation of Ethereum-based applications on the TRON blockchain. According to ZyCrypto, Sun said:

"Tron Virtual Machine is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine and migration to the Tron network will cost almost nothing to developers."

As this grows and the more developers take full advantage of the TRON virtual machine, we can expect its popularity to increase and with it the investment interest. As more people invest, the value of TRX will increase, giving those who bought in advance something to smile for sure.


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