Corona pays 14 million to poverty in the Arab world – one world – the Arabs


With the losses suffered by the global economy due to the closure in many sectors due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid 19), the United Nations has warned about the economic impact of the Corona epidemic on the Arab world, saying it would throw more of 14 million people in poverty.

A United Nations report estimates that 17 million jobs have been lost in recent months.

According to the report, the economy of some countries will shrink by up to 13%, while losses in the region will exceed $ 150 billion.

The report also says efforts to tackle the pandemic will create opportunities to address longstanding problems, such as gender inequality.

“The Arab region, with an estimated population of 436 million people, initially maintained infection and mortality rates below the global average, but recent developments are alarming,” the UN report said.

The report says the impact of the outbreak is likely to be profound and widespread over time.

The report expected the region’s economy to contract by at least 5.7%.

“Solidarity is a key element in resolving and limiting the impact of (Covid 19),” Rola Dashti, executive secretary of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, told reporters.

He indicated that this solidarity must be expressed within each country as well as between Arab countries.

The report states that “it is necessary to provide economic and social support to individuals and families, and (also) to establish regional solidarity funds”.

The report added that countries should “reduce inequality of opportunity by publicly investing in health, education, social security and technology.”

The outbreak has killed nearly 640,000 people worldwide since the end of December, according to an AFP tally. India has passed the threshold of 30,000 deaths due to “Covid 19”, becoming the sixth country in the world most affected by this epidemic. And the Indian authorities have felt that this number does not reflect the true number of victims. As of yesterday, tests showed that around 1.3 million Indians have been infected with the virus.

Furthermore, the high number of “Covid 19” cases in Europe raised the concern of the European section of the World Health Organization, which called on the countries of the continent to “remain reactive” and “take stricter measures again” when necessary. .

On the American continent, Mexico (130 million residents), the fourth most affected country in the world by the epidemic, recorded a record number of injuries in 24 hours, equal to 8,438. Colombia recorded an unprecedented death toll of 315 within 24 hours. And this country of 50 million people registered 7,688 deaths from “Covid 19”.


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