Coral Reef taller than the Empire States Building discovered by scientists


Scientists have discovered a “massive” coral reef measuring 500 meters in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the Schmidt Ocean Institute announced on October 26. Considered taller than the Empire State Building, Sydney Tower and Petronas Twin Towers, the reef was discovered as a part of the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s Falkor research vessel, which is a 12-month exploration of the surrounding ocean. Australia. The reef was first discovered on October 20 after scientists completed an underwater seafloor mapping of the Northern Great Barrier Reef, led by Dr. Robin Beaman of James Cook University.

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(R / V Falkor stands outside Ribbon Reef # 5 as the SuBastian ROV makes its way up the shelf, working to reveal – for the first time – evidence of the Great Barrier Reef’s origins. Image credits: )

Discovered another detached coral reef

Wendy Schmidt, co-founder of the Schmidt Ocean Institute, said: “This unexpected discovery states that we continue to find unknown structures and new species in our ocean. The state of our knowledge of what is in the ocean has long been so limited. Thanks to new technologies that work like our eyes, ears and hands in the deep ocean, we have the ability to explore like never before. New ocean landscapes are opening up to us, revealing the ecosystems and the different forms of life that share the planet with us ”. The team conducted a final dive on October 25 using the SuBastian underwater robot to explore the new coral reef.

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The base of the reef is considered 1.5km wide and therefore rises 500m to its minimum depth of only 40m below the sea surface. This isn’t the only detached reef in the area as there are seven more. Dr Jyotika Virmani, Executive Director of the Schmidt Ocean Institute, said, “Finding a new half-kilometer-high coral reef in Cape York’s offshore area of ​​the famed Great Barrier Reef shows how mysterious the world just beyond our coast is.” . He added: “This powerful combination of cartographic data and underwater imagery will be used to understand this new reef and its role within the incredible World Heritage Area of ​​the Great Barrier Reef.”

(The newly discovered 500-meter-high detached reef joins the other seven detached reefs in the Northern Great Barrier Reef. Image credits:

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(Image credits: AP / SchmidtOcean)

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