ConsenSys and AMD jointly develop a Blockchain-based cloud computing infrastructure


The software company Blockchain ConsenSys, the semiconductor manufacturer AMD and the investment management company of Abu Dhabi, Halo Holdings, are working together on a blockchain-based cloud computing infrastructure. ConsenSys announced the collaboration in a press release published on 4 January.

At the time of release, companies collaborated on the creation of the so-called W3BCLOUD aimed at developing AMD hardware-based datacenter products for emerging blockchain workloads. In the field of collaboration, ConsenSys will provide computer skills in blockchain transactions, security issues and technology use cases.

According to the statement, W3BCLOUD would be "the first" blockchain independent cloud computing infrastructure to meet the public and private sector requirements.

Joerg Roskowetz, director of product management and blockchain technology, said the product will be designed to "tackle challenges ranging from intelligent identities to corporate data centers and health ID tracking, licensing and supply chain ".

ConcenSys recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the South Korean technology holding SK Group in December. The initiative aims to build a business blockchain business model using smart contracts. The partnership will also include Ethereum blockchain technology education (ETH) for Korean developers through ConsenSys Academy and the SK Holdings C & C technical training center.

In November, AMD collaborated with seven major technology companies to produce eight new cryptocurrency mining platforms. AMD stressed that the partnership will bring new "blockchain compute solutions" to the market, designed to meet the various aspirations of "innovative blockchain platforms". In addition, AMD has published a video on the blockchain, explaining the main features of the technology, listing the trust, integrity and security as its main advantages.

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