Comet Newways is receding from the northwestern horizon of the Arab world


Newways (C / 2020 F3) is considered the best comet of recent years and possibly decades, as it dazzles observers in different regions of the world with its skyscraper in the evening sky, making it easy to monitor for those who like to observe this visitor from the depths. of space.

According to the Astronomical Society of Jeddah, after sunset this evening, Wednesday, July 15, 2020, the comet will move away from the northwestern horizon of the Arab world compared to the last two nights.

Interestingly, ideal weather conditions are required to see the comet, especially since it is close to the horizon, although Comet Newways (1.6+) is bright and can be obscured by thin clouds on the horizon, fog, humid air, smoke, twilight glow, especially the city lights, so the farther away from the City lighting: the darker the sky, the better the visibility of the comet, the better the use of binoculars, and luckily the moon is not present at the beginning of the night at this time and this will help in tracking the comet.


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