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Comcast plans to offer Blockchara Blockchain software in 2019

One of the largest US global telecommunications companies, Conglomerate Comcast aims to make Blockgin Blockgin commercially available from the second half of 2019, according to the report that was revealed.

"Comcast is currently
working with NBCUniversal to test Blockgraph capabilities with plans
incorporating it into its addressable offer at the start of 2019, "states the

Comcast is a global media company that is founded in
year 2001, which offers cable television, telecommunications and internet services.
Comcast is the second largest transmission company in the entire world in terms
revenue generation and one of the largest television companies in all of America.

According to the company, its cable advertising platform
has started the next phase of its Blockgraph platform, which is a product
designed to ensure the sharing of information and personal data, this too
subsequently it will lead to the launch of the product in the year 2019. It also works
with some other players in the sector such as Spectrum advertising sales companies
Reach and Mass Media sign Viacom.

Blockgraph will provide an "identity level" for the
Television industry, through which media companies can share some of the
unidentifiable public data. The P2P platform (Peer to Peer) aims to provide
the effectiveness and efficiency of television advertising and marketing.

Spectrum Reach president David Kline commented:

"It is essential that the use of data prioritizes the file
privacy of personal information of consumers. Blockgraph technology offers
greater security and privacy protection by allowing all players inside the TV
ecosystem to directly share the insights derived from anonymity and aggregate

In addition to this, Comcast has also supported others
also blockchain development projects. In March, in New York
blockchain startup Blockdaemon has obtained $ 3 million in the financing round of
Risk capital.

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