Collectable and encrypted social platform with Ethereum?



What is CryptoCare?

CryptoCare is a social impact platform based on Ethereum, which plays philanthropy through collectible cryptography. The platform seeks to become an Ethereum platform that is both interesting and has a positive impact on the world. CryptoCare achieves this by encouraging the use of decentralized technology by the crypto community when making a donation to organizations with positive global impacts.

Currently, some of the causes available to users to donate include environmental protection, human rights and digital rights. The charitable organizations with which the platform has collaborated in these categories include Electronics Frontier Foundation, Heifer International, GiveDirectly, Rainforest Foundation, WildMe and United States. Over $ 600 have been donated to date and 55% of this amount has been donated to digital rights.

How CryptoCare Works ETH-Powered Crypto Collectible Social Platform

Participation in the social impact platform does not require the creation of an account, password, credit card information or other personal information of the user. To start giving CryptoCare, users are required to adopt one of the Crypto Collectibles.

After completion of the adoption process, an intelligent contract is generated that will send 95% of the funds to the impact organization that the user has selected and the remaining five percent will be used to support the platform. In return, the user will receive a collectible item as a de facto proof of the donation. Collectible items are in the form of digital resources; therefore, users will request a digital wallet in which they will store it.

Collectible items and Proof of ownership remain on the Ethereum network and on the InterPlanetary file system, which means that the user's data will not be based on a point of failure and in theory will allow data to live forever.

Accepted token of CryptoCare

In addition to Crypto Collectibles, CryptoCare will generate non-fungible ERC-721 tokens known as CryptoCare friends whenever a user makes a donation. Tokens will include user illustrations for their avatar, the name of the user, the name of their friend and details of the donation. CryptoCare friends owned by users can be viewed via a cryptographic browser or a cryptocurrency portfolio.

The friends of CryptoCare belong to users and therefore have complete control over what to do with them. Currently, the options available include viewing in a gallery, printing on a mug or even importing into another decentralized application.

CryptoCare has integrated OpenSea to allow users to transfer ownership of CryptoCare Pal to other users. OpenSea is a marketplace where users can bid or make an offer for CryptoCare collectibles. Likewise, there are also other ways to transfer CryptoCare friends.

Benefits of CryptoCare

Unique Crypto Collectibles

CryptoCare has partnered with philanthropic organizations to provide unique collectible crypto users who will represent the donations they have made.


The platform does not require credit cards, passwords or e-mail addresses to participate in supporting a case. This ensures that the whole process is completely safe and that the platform maintains anonymity of users.


Through the statistics portal on the CryptoCare website, users can have detailed information on all beneficiaries supported by CryptoCare and the amount donated to each. They can also view the cryptographic collectors that have been adopted.

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