CoinText extends the payment service via SMS to Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH)


The service, which first served to spread Bitcoin Cash (BCH), now extends to additional coins.


CoinText has announced its willingness to add Litecoin (LTC) is Dash (DASH) to its SMS service, offering small payments without the need for a bank account, a cryptographic wallet or a verification. CoinText allows microtransactions and has been advertised as one of the ways to be disclosed Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the first payment mechanism for money.

CoinText tweeted the update:

Both Litecoin and Dash try to position themselves as coins for daily shopping and are generally well accepted by traders. However, the launch of the two currencies would be limited to Canada and the United States, while BCH cash spending is already available in 20 countries.

For Dash, the limitation means that one of its main markets of reference, Venezuela, will not be accessible through the CoinText technology. However, Dash is making other attempts to appeal to the Venezuelan community.

The SMS service is available to anyone with a phone number or a cryptocurrency portfolio. CoinText has been working with BCH since March, trading the currency continuously.

"Ultimately, we want to allow people to use cryptocurrency as cash," said Vin Armani, founder of the product.

However, the addition of Litecoin is somewhat paradoxical, given its open competition with the Bitcoin Cash project as an attempt to position itself as the best digital resource. As for Dash, the project is known for its active marketing since its inception and the attempt to position itself as an alternative to the digital bank account, with the simplest payments possible.

The Dash project aims to launch the Evolution version, allowing intuitive addresses similar to the Venmo app, rather than the long hexadecimal addresses of the portfolio.

For Litecoin, the most active offer for accessibility and speed is to build a Lightning network, similar to Bitcoin. However, the use of LN is subject to multiple tests and the quality and safety depends on the availability of the node.

LTC passed the past, reaching a maximum of $ 63.17 at 12:49 UTC, compared to about $ 58 on Wednesday. DASH returned to $ 188, up 0.7% on a daily basis.

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