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CoinReport Ledger, partner of Neufund to create a secure framework for managing real resources on blockchain

Ledger, Neufund partner to build a secure framework for managing real assets on blockchainNeufund, the end-to-end solution for tokenisation and the issue of securities, announced in a press release that CoinReport received from Neufund's public relations firm Blonde 2.0 a partnership with Ledger, a leader in solutions security and infrastructure for digital currencies and blockchain applications.

Both companies will work together to create a secure user experience for encrypted investors by creating a security token framework.

Ledger recently launched a desktop application – Ledger Live – for managing user-friendly cryptographic assets, and plans to add an ERC20 integration soon. The application will allow users to manage security tokens issued via the Neufund set of protocols.

Neufund CEO Zoe Adamovicz said in the press release we received: "Currently, Ledger's hardware portfolios are the safest way to set up and manage the investments conducted through the Neufund set of protocols. 7-9 digit range (€), security becomes a top priority – allowing investors to manage their ERC-20-based stock tokens directly from a desktop app will interrupt the way we interact with our cryptographic assets ".

The Neufund platform has already incorporated Ledger's solutions. Investors and companies can set up and manage their accounts through Ledger's hardware portfolio. The partnership between the two companies extends a previous project, which built a special edition of Ledger Nano S to high-profile investors who took part in the Neufund Initial Community construction mechanism last year in November. The devices were then notarized in German, which offered an additional level of security to their hardware portfolio.

Ledger's CEO, Eric Larchevêque, commented: "We are excited about today's announcement, which is an important new chapter in bringing security tokens on Ledger platforms."

He added: "We are thrilled to be joined to this frontier by Neufund, a leader in tokenisation and issuance of securities."

In addition to working together to develop a safer framework for managing real world resources on blockchain, Neufund and Ledger will organize a technical-legal hackathon open in Paris to try to develop better solutions for managing tokenised resources in the real world.

Currently, Neufund hosts its first public offering of shares for its parent company, Fifth Force GmbH. The public sale began on 9 December at 11:00 UTC and ends on 16. The token name is FORCE and the currencies accepted are EUR and ETH, where one share equals 10,000 stock tokens.

Image via press release on the Blonde 2.0 website

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