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Coinbase has just announced that basic attention token trading will soon be enabled on the Coinbase Pro platform and now the token deposits are accepted. Trading in the token, which works on Ethereum, will actually start after a market has begun to formulate.

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"Once sufficient liquidity has been established, trading on the BAT / USDC order portfolio will commence. […] BAT trading will be accessible to users in most jurisdictions, but will initially not be available to New York state residents. "

Apparently, trading will not be granted to New York residents, probably due to regulatory issues. Users must bring their own BAT, as the token purchase is not currently available on regular

The price of the BAT was about 25 cents from yesterday, but in today's news rose by one cent. It is not difficult to hypothesize that the increase of exposure through the Coinbase Pro platform will continue this inclination and that BAT could see new highs beyond its historical maximum of over 60 cents per token.

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Source: CoinMarketCap

The Brave browser project is the main effort behind BAT, which aims to reward users for ad-activation. The brave browser has turned off ads by default. BAT tokens have real value assigned by market participants and benefit both sides of the content world: the viewer and the content provider. Last year, Brave enabled them on YouTube videos and in recent weeks, prior to the listing on Coinbase Pro, the token rallied due to beta entry and increased awareness.

As previously reported by CCN, the Chrome-based browser has millions of active users and discourages detection, embezzlement and inefficiency of website coding. Current market share reports on browsers do not sufficiently differentiate user agents from distinguishing between Chrome's various forks; therefore, it is difficult to estimate how many people are currently using the browser. Nevertheless, as its market share grows, BAT's native utility will continue to grow, and will therefore demand it.

CCN will check in with the BAT as Coinbase trading will be published to see if the move from one of the oldest, largest and most satisfactory trades will have a positive impact. It is important to note that BAT have long traded on Binance, which is an exchange with the largest volume on different markets.

This is a developing story … Check for updates.

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