Coinbase launches "packages" of cryptocurrencies


The cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, has launched packages of five cryptocurrencies that investors can buy from $ 25 (£ 19).

The Coinbase package is a weighted selection for the market of the five cryptocurrencies available for the purchase and sale on Coinbase. Once a package has been purchased, the underlying cryptocurrencies are stored in their respective portfolios and each can be bought, sold and received as a single asset.

"Buying only one cryptocurrency can be easy if you know what you want, but knowing which cryptocurrency to buy – and feeling confident in the amount you buy – is where a lot of people lose confidence." The Coinbase package has a different approach, "says Dan Romero, vice president and general manager of Coinbase Consumer.

And there's more …

The exchange also introduced Coinbase Assey Pages, where people can learn about the top 50 cryptocurrencies (by market capitalization), including many that are not currently available for purchase or sale on Coinbase.

This is complemented by Coinbase Learn, a new section of the website that educates people who are new to cryptocurrency through a series of basic questions and answers.

"We know from talking with people that the breadth and depth of cryptocurrency information can be overwhelming," says Romero. "There is no simple resource for understanding the fundamental principles behind technology."

The updates come after Coinbase has revealed a new process for listing the resources and announced the intention to develop additional educational tools for customers.

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