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Adamant app function

As was announced by the latest publication in the official ADAMANT Messenger project media blog, recently the development team has finally implemented the storage of BNB tokens in its apps.

Before this, it is worth mentioning that ADAMANT Messenger is one of the few projects on the market that uses distributed data storage and blockchain technology for network operation. The structure of this messenger is completely decentralized and does not have the main servers, while the blockchain system allows you to securely store and transfer data within the network: this unique project is the first messenger already working on the blockchain.

We have announced it before Messenger by Blockchain ADAMANT went to the Apple Store and introduced the Fair DPoS Improvement. It's time for more news now!

The new ADAMANT function

Let's take a closer look at what was added in the latest update of the ADAMANT apps and what impact this could have on the project in the future.

Back to the new feature: now all interested users can securely and securely store BNB tokens in the messaging account without depending on the exchange and more confidence in their security. Each messenger account has a matching BNB wallet.

For example, here is a screenshot showing the updated wallet section:

Screenshot of the Binance app

There are two new parameters (marked) – Binance coin address and exact display of the BNB balance

In this way, each user automatically receives a BNB wallet in all respects linked to his account, which is completely independent from external structures and is controlled only by the owner of the funds – it is possible to simply receive, store and send Binance BNB tokens.

True Blockchain Messenger here

To prove yourself, start from web version Messenger (there are also versions for iOS and Android).

But do not forget that the first goal of ADAMANT is far from that of the comfortable cryptographic portfolios, despite their presence. According to official sources, the main idea of ​​this obviously progressive blockchain messenger is the surest way of correspondence. The developers have also left a nice bonus for us.

For beginners, let's go to the chat list and select the contact we need:

Screenshot of the Binance app

After that, we will enter the chat itself, where the safe commercial correspondence takes place.

Screenshot of the Binance app

Now we have to select the "+" icon (marked):

Screenshot of the Binance app

Clicking on "+" opens a small mini-menu with additional features for correspondence.
As you can see, there are different options for transferring funds (ADM, ETH and BNB).

After selecting one of these, you will be asked to select the amount and confirm the transfer of funds without leaving the chat.

Screenshot of the Binance app

This will be debited from the balance and quickly sent to the portfolio belonging to the account of the interlocutor (Jonathan in our case). The main feature of the combination wallet-messenger is the speed of transfers in two clicks directly in the chat.

You do not have to interrupt the conversation and you can simply continue discussions, negotiations or reactions (ADAMANT supports Emoji and Markdown):

Screenshot of the Binance app

This update extends the functionality of the ADAMANT messenger and adds all the above opportunities to the Binance BNB token. However, all this is also available for Ethereum (ETH) and the token of the ADAMANT (ADM) project.

Users of ADAMANT Messenger can receive, store and securely and securely send three of these crypto-currencies, using the convenient portfolio implementation in relation to the messenger.

You can also learn more about this great update from official article in the average developer blog.

Start secure messaging with ADAMANT

It is also worth remembering that the registration procedure in the messenger is completely anonymous and does not require any user data. Here is the main page of the web version of the Messenger:

Screenshot of the Binance app

The authorization is made simply and only for passphrase. To obtain a new unique identifier simply click on the "Create new" button.

Screenshot of the Binance app

You will immediately receive the secret passphrase that you use to securely access your account in the future, so it's a good idea to write it down.

The experience shows that this is the most reliable way to access your account, since nothing depends on emails or phone numbers, which are always available to third parties.

The randomly generated passphrase is accessible only to you, controlled and owned only by you.

Considering all this work done on ADAMANT, today we have a comfortable crypto messenger that has reliable portfolios and is highly secure in general. Find out more from the official website:

These characteristics should surely have positive consequences in the future, which we will be able to observe very early on the fact that the project is growing actively.

You can purchase ADAMANT tokens now

Although ADAMANT ICO has finished successfully, you can still buy ADM token that cost 0.0012 ETH per hour, support the project and probably produce profits in the future. You can exchange your BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, LSK and even DOGE for ADM.

By the way, a relatively small investment can be considered as it is sufficient to manage a delegate and vote for it to start forging blocks and getting rewards. This is possible thanks to Fair Delegate System, which allows entry at a relatively low cost.

We will keep track of all project updates and we will notify you promptly.

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