Co-founder of Ethereum: Crypto is seeing a huge amount of activity, tremendous growth


The cryptocurrency industry has undoubtedly gone a long way in the better part of the last decade. Whether it is regulatory control or multiple 90% price corrections, it would be fair to say that long-standing advocates have really seen it all. And although the collective value of all cryptographic resources has recently suffered a drastic decline, there are some veterans who are still standing up, even in the face of a variety of trials and tribulations.

There will be so much evolution in this Space

In recent weeks, despite the cryptocurrencies that have set new lows since the beginning of the year, Joseph Lubin, one of the many co-founders of Ethereum, has made the rounds in traditional news, making its best to convince the public that the crypt is here and is here to stay. More recently, Lubin appeared on CNN Money on Tuesday to discuss the current state of this early market and the future of Ethereum and cryptographic assets in general.

The founder of ConsenSys, one of the first startups focused on the blockchain, opened its segment discussing the reason behind the recent race to rise and the subsequent decline. Lubin noted that the 2017 downtrend was the result of some who see infinite value in blockchain technologies, along with speculators who are "irrationally enthusiastic".

So while he may have seen the wave as a bubble, the innovator suggested that such bullish price action periods will only bring positive attention to this industry, not to notoriety. The co-founder of Ethereum has elaborated, stating:

"Booms actually bring a lot of attention to our space, many technicians, entrepreneurs and consumers, so those are great, and we are currently seeing a lot of activity due to of the boom that happened [in 2017] So we are gearing up in many different niches of our ecosystem to see probably enormous growth. "

Lubin brings an interesting point, although many idealists have seen the latest parabolic growth cycle as detrimental to the long-term prospects of crypto, the influx of interest that this space has seen will undoubtedly favor the development of cryptocurrencies in the long run.

Speaking of the blockchain education theme, Lubin, surprisingly, stressed that consumers do not need to understand the inner workings of this new technology, since this is the task of software developers. Instead, the Ethereum advocate reasoned that it would make sense for users to raid blockchain using DApp such as Crypto Baseball, CryptoKitties, FunFair and the like, which guided the adoption and technological maturity of the Ethereum blockchain in specific. [19659005] Pushing the conversation forward, the CNN host then raised a recent comment from Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, in which he affirmed the famous personality of the cryptocurrency:

"The space of the blockchain is coming to the point where there is a ceiling intuition.If you talk to the average educated person at this point, you probably have heard of blockchain at least once.There is still an & rsquo; Another 1,000-fold increase in anything in space. "

Rejecting the comment, which appears to be more bearish than bullish, the ConsenSys executive has raised the idea that while Vitalik might be a genius, that the opinion of the Russian-Canadian coder is not the end of everything and it's all, stating:

"This is a technology that will have an impact on the way in which the economic, social and political systems will be built in the next decades we are just at the beginning of this. There will be so much evolution, [as] technology is still quite unripe and there is so much evolution in this space [already]. Anything that is a resource right now will probably have a cryptographic asset in the future, so there's so much growth in the future. "

So while many in the cryptography industry could experience stop jokes on a daily basis, thought leaders in this space still see a monumental potential for growth.

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