CMC welcomes Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and XRP on its platform



CMC Markets, a trading company based in Queens Land (United Kingdom) has announced the addition of three new Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and XRP cryptocurrencies to its platform respectively. The company offers a wide variety of opportunities for its users. Over three hundred global currencies, classic commodities such as oil, gold and silver, company shares, treasury notes, writers and bonds. Basically they offer all kinds of traditional financial instruments, even spread betting.

Last March, CMC added Bitcoin and Ethereum to the mix of products offered and, now, they decided to support three new virtual currencies on their platform (as indicated above): Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and XRP.

Mr. David Fineberg, who is director of the Commercial group for CMC, has to say about the company's new move:

"Following the successful launch of our cryptocurrency offer in March and the subsequent extension to retail customers in July, our customers have expressed an interest in extending their trading options over to bitcoin and ethereum. take a cash position bitcoin, litecoin and ripple, three altcoins that continue to generate many speculations among traders ".

Also Fineberg added,

"Spread and CFD bets offer a way to trade cryptocurrencies as customers can take a position on market movements without owning the asset .. Trading with an established supplier, funds can be deposited and withdrawn easily, avoiding risks to buy cryptocurrencies directly through an exchange, but like all the other financial instruments we offer, we always advise clients to understand the risks and conduct extensive research before negotiating. "

This news is very important because we are not talking about an encrypted exchange, but of a traditional financial company that is adopting digital resources and bringing them into the mainstream. CMC customers are not keen on encryption, but people who try to make money using the company's web platform through very old financial resources, tools and tools.

The company's latest decision is part of its new approach to being innovative.

For example, last June CMC trained Alexa to provide its customers with the latest financial news. titles, articles, relevant tweets and market data. It is the first supplier on the market that has carried out insights on request in this particular way. The magic words are "Alexa, open markets of the CMC".

A month later he brought encryption to bet on his platform and now they are increasing the number of cryptographic coins they offer to their customers.

CMC is a company that seeks to empower traditional investors through the use of technology, and have seen the writing on the wall: Crypto is the next wave. Because they are very interested in technological advances, including some of the most interesting digital resources in the world, it was probably an easy decision for them.

Mr. Fineberg also clarified the company's position on technology:

"At CMC Markets we recognize the power of technology, so we continue to invest in a range of services to be leaders in this space, which is why we have taken proactive measures to ensure that we are the first commercial company to make full use of the potential this software "

David Fineberg concluded by saying:

"We are excited about how traders are engaging in the digital era and the CMC Markets Skill we developed is part of our ongoing strategy to improve our customers' overall experience by providing them with the information they need, when they need it. "

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