CMC Markets adds cash bitcoin, litecoin and XRP to cryptocurrency or …


CMC Markets, the world's leading provider of online trading, has today expanded its spread spreads and cryptocurrencies (CFD) bets by offering three additional coins: bitcoin money, litecoin and ripple.

Customers can now take a position on the three altcoins paired with the US dollar.

The move follows the extension of CMC Markets of its cryptocurrency offer from professionals to retail clients in July. At the time of launch, the platform offered bitcoin and ethereum.

David Fineberg, commercial director of the group, said: "Since the successful launch of our cryptocurrency offer in March and its subsequent extension to retail customers in July, our customers have expressed an interest in extending their trading options as well as bitcoins and ethereum We are pleased to offer them the opportunity to take a bitcoin cash position, litecoin and ripple, three altcoins that continue to generate many speculations among traders.

"Spread and CFD bets offer a way to trade cryptocurrencies as customers can take a position on market movements without owning the asset .. Trading with an established supplier, funds can be deposited and withdrawn easily, avoiding risks to buy cryptocurrencies directly through an exchange, but like all the other financial instruments we offer, we always advise clients to understand the risks and conduct extensive research before negotiating. "

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