City of Saint John hit by “significant” cyber attack


There was a “significant” cyber attack on the city of Saint John, according to a council press release on Sunday evening.

The city’s 911 communications system works, but other services like online payment systems, email, and customer service applications are all down. So is the city’s website.

City officials say they still don’t know if personal information stored on the networks has been compromised.

In the meantime, they advise system users to regularly check their bank accounts and credit cards for any suspicious activity.

San Giovanni is now coordinating with federal and provincial agencies to try to reduce any risk and “contain and eliminate the virus”.

The city says it does not have a timeline for a full recovery and will not accept payments for municipal services such as water bills and parking tickets until the problem is resolved. No late fees will be applied.

The city is directing people to Saint John’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for more updates.

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