Chinese teachers have captured the mining etereum at work


People will do everything possible to use free resources to extract cryptocurrencies. In this case, the main principle and vice of Hunan middle school were taking advantage of the school's electricity to extract Ethereum.

The local news agency HK01 reports that the Hunan Middle School in Chenzhou was making a lot of noise during the day and even in the evening. The network has become extremely slow.

Apparently the teachers raised the issues with the principle that explained that the problem was "the excessive use of air conditioners and school grids".

According to HK01, the principle sets seven mining drilling facilities inside the school's computer lab to run its own mining operation, using free electricity. The vice president of the school was also interested in the idea of ​​extracting ethereum for extra income and founded his own mining platforms in one of the school's laboratories.

School teachers became so frustrated by the noise of the mining platforms that they started investigating the problem before discovering the configurations of the mining drilling rig.

The couple signed the costs of electricity by taking advantage of the off-premise mining operation. The mining platforms eventually caused a short circuit due to the overload, causing a fire that drastically slowed down the school network.

The Lei Hua principle was removed from the school while Vice President Wang Zhipeng was released with a warning.


Image from Gyazo

Image from Gyazo

Image from Gyazo

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