Chinese rankings of Cryptocurrency Maintains the highest bitcoin, EOS still at the top


The CCID rankings have been updated on Monday, moving Bitcoin to a higher position and taking note of other trends in the world of cryptocurrencies.


The Chinese Center for Information Industry Development (CCID), an organization that operates under the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology , published the rankings on Monday revealing new aspects of his analysis of the implementations of blockchain technology by various cryptocurrencies.

After months of low rankings, Bitcoin finally reaches the top 10, jumping over six other coins from the latest analysis was published .

"In terms of sub-indicators of innovation, the recent update of the Bitcoin code is very active, with a score of 40.3, expanding its advantage … Compared to the # 39 Previous index, the first five most innovative coins are EOS, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Hcash and Stratis ", says the report.

EOS remains the favor of the CCID in terms of its core technology, but seems to have lost some points in the column of creativity, moving from 44.1 in a previous review at the beginning of July to 36.7.

However, the basic technology seems to take the cake when evaluating a general ranking of coins, which explains why EOS goes so far into the chart.

"The core technology primarily evaluates the technical level of the public chain that has been launched: Evaluation includes functions, performance, security and decentralization – the core technology has a 65% weight in the overall evaluation," wrote the CCID.

It is still interesting that CCID assigns the highest number of points in this category to EOS, although "decentralization" is one of its criteria. A few months ago, the ECAF – the referee for the EOS network – froze 27 accounts immediately after a fraud.

The argument for partial centralization in EOS, according to the individuals we spoke with, comes from a position where we can act faster when things go wrong, and therefore provide at least a minimum appeal for those who are about to lose their funds due to various circumstances.

The analysis adds that Tezos, a currency chosen by the organization to add alongside NULS, "has exceptional characteristics in technological innovation."

Although Tezos has lost a significant part of its value compared to Bitcoin in mid-July, it still remains the number 16 in terms of market capitalization and a highly negotiated currency since its fall.

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