China's reveals JD Blockchain's open platform


The Chinese retailer has launched the JD Blockchain Open Platform, a BaaS solution for enterprise customers who want to simplify operational processes.


The Chinese e-commerce giant announced on Friday that it was launching a blockchain platform aimed at corporate customers. The new tool will help customers develop, host and apply their blockchain task management apps. The open platform JD Blockchain, as the platform is called, is based on several innovative technologies, which allow users to develop and regulate smart contracts on corporate clouds, both public and private. The solution will enable corporate customers to accelerate operational processes such as asset and charitable donation monitoring, property valuation, authenticity verification, digital author rights and transactional agreements, among others .

The platform is part of the Retail as a Service of JD (RaaS) strategy expansion, which states that the retailer is open to sharing its innovative technologies with other companies. The open platform JD Blockchain is also available for companies that do not have the experience to create their own blockchain applications, which is possible thanks to its "one-click deployment" approach.

Jian Pei, responsible for JD's big data and intelligent supply chain unit, commented on the new solution:

"The open platform JD Blockchain is the culmination of experience and experience in technology blockchain that we initially developed for our operations, to provide greater visibility to consumers. "

"As we continue to open our technology and infrastructure to other companies, we are pleased to have CIPC as our first customer of the blockchain platform,"


The platform, which comes in the form of Blockchain-platform as-a-Service (BaaS), houses an app store that offers different background levels, tools and programs related to DLS technology (distributed ledger technology), another name for blockchain. The tools and apps are built within the company and by Independent Software Vendor (ISV). They pass a strict quality control performed by JD. Over time, the retailer will expand its range of applications by adding more ISVs.

China Pacific Insurance Company (CPIC) is the first JD partner to apply the blockchain platform, which will use it to develop a tracking system for electronic invoices, the official revenue essential for businesses in China.

Last year, announced that it would use blockchain for supply chain management in collaboration with over 30 brand owners to build a traceability system. A month later, the company worked with IBM and Walmart to launch the Blockchain Food Safety Alliance.

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