China, Russia, United States competing to use Blockchain for military operations


A number of defense officials and armed forces around the world are beginning to examine the potential of blockchain in areas related to military activity.

Soldiers around the world are always on the lookout for cutting-edge technologies to have a competitive edge.

Officials in defense agencies are particularly interested in the distributed consensus and technology anonymity capabilities.

NATO has examined the use cases of blockchain regarding logistics and military procurement, and is also studying how it could coexist with other avant-garde concepts such as IoT.

So far, the United States, Russia, and China appear to be most interested in research into how the blockchain can be used for military, general defense, and cyber-related purposes.

A Changing Military Landscape

In the United States, military-related entities have examined the blockchain for a while. The National Defense Authorization Act 2018, Section 1646, requires the assessment of the blockchain for military employment purposes.

Recently, the US Naval Air Systems Command said it was looking into the blockchain to help control the parts of the aviation, which could help reduce

Others speculate that the technology could be implemented by the Department of Defense (DoD) to manage an inventory of nearly $ 100 billion.

A report from the 2015 Office of Government Responsibility specifically highlighted problems with the Department of Defense systems for monitoring and supplying supplies, something the blockchain partially helped solve in other areas (not military), as the palm oil industry.

In addition to the United States, Russian military officials have also explored use cases for blockchain.

Russian news sources in June wrote about the creation of a military research laboratory in the country dedicated to the study of how blockchain can be used to detect and possibly combat cyberattacks .

About two months later, the Russian news channel TASS reported on how the blockchain could find its way into the Russian Ministry of Defense if they can:

Quickly introduce Russian cryptographic algorithms into the international standard of the blockchain.

The Rise Of Blockchain In China

The Chinese officials are famous for their mantra "Blockchain not Bitcoin", after having gone to great efforts to stifle the cryptocurrency market keeping a more optimistic eye on the blockchain.

So far, the number of authoritative material linking Chinese military officials to blockchain research is lacking, but there have been some articles indicating why officials should pay attention to technology.

One, published in 2016, argued that the blockchain was used by Chinese defense and security officials for a variety of tasks, including storage of weapons life cycle information and general logistical improvements.

One of the researchers of the article, the dott. Zhu Qichao, is a director at the National University of Defense Technology and a colonel in the People's Liberation Army (PLA).

Written in RealClear Defense Wilson VornDick reflected on the possibility of using the blockchain also in China for

Secure sources of public opinion, apparently at the disadvantage of any counter-contradictory counter-transaction.

He noted in particular that "the war of public opinion" is in line with the Three War strategy. (The other two are legal war and psychological warfare).

A 2017 article found in PLA Daily also suggested the idea of ​​using blockchain in areas related to the war of public opinion.

What military-related areas do you think blockchain can have the greatest impact? Let us know in the comments!

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