Charles Hoskinson Of Cardano (ADA) thinks that Tron (TRX) must pass to Mantis

Charles Hoskinson Of Cardano thinks that Tron must move to Mantis

This Thursday, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of InputOutput and Cardano sat down for a podcast in which he discussed several topics including his team extending a hand to projects like Tron and Ethereum to work together.

Speaking of Tron, he stated that the project has forked Ethereum java. He believes that while the engineers involved in the code were competent, the Ethereum Java client is slightly outdated and is not essentially created from a technical or security point of view. He declared the client as "not the best code to build a project from". As a result, Hoskinson suggested that the code could require iterations and cleanup.

"He needs some iterations for cleaning, where he came from and how many people touched him, so when we contacted Tron, we said that our Scala code is absolutely beautiful, extremely concise, well-tested. verified by an external auditor. "

He also believes that if the Tron wants to build a project by entering a code, the team can take the Mantis code. He stated that the code is modularized, from now on, he has a connectable virtual machine and a connectable consent protocol.

this is not the first time Hoskinson he gave this advice. In June 2018, he tweeted:

Hoskinson was one of the eight co-founders of Ethereum, but due to a problem with his government structure, Hoskinson was released in June 2014. He then created Input | Output, which created Ethereum Classic (ETC).

A group of developers spent seven months building Mantis, a unique Ethereum Classic client, from scratch. Hoskinson turned to Justin Sun and told him that Mantis would be more suitable for Tron.

To whom Sun replied:

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