Changes in platinum: an attempt to exit the recession


Five years ago, a new production company, Platinum Records, a subsidiary of MBC Media Group, launched in Dubai. The idea of ​​ u200b u200bthe company came after the victory of Palestinian participant Mohammed Assaf in the Arab Idol program as a kind of investment by some artists who have gained fame through the programs presented by the screen.
The company has two press conferences, but in 2014 announced the launch of its new brand in Abu Dhabi. Timur Marmarshi, director of the company, has announced the completion of the first phase of the internal restructuring of the company and the establishment of a team of platinum music producers as the core of an integrated technical foundation, as described then, in the world Arabic.

Marmari has used a group of Arab music distributors, including Hadi Sharara, Michel Fadel, Nizar Francis from Lebanon, Mohamed Rahim, Amir Tameh from Egypt, Fayez Al Saeed, Fahd Al Nasser and Ali Al Khawar from the Gulf. Marmarshi explained that the door is still open to include more names and musical experiences, noting that the current names are the "early Ghaith". And that "there is no limit to the creative process".

Words used by Marmarchi in the formulation of the media statement that was distributed after the conference, the goal behind which was to show the "muscles" of the company in front of his colleague, who is about 18 years old, "Rotana ", but this did not go beyond the structure of the marketing declaration of the company, which has never known success, On a solid basis, only a" logo "is placed on the album of very few artists and, if necessary, hold some timid conferences. But the reason why some artists chose Platinium was in response to the Rotana society at times and from the point of change from the other. Ahlam chose platinum after refusing to sign the "download" contracts and the concerts with Rotana, as well as Kazem El Saher, who was attracted to the company with the money to play under her, and the case with Melhem Zein, who proved to be successful not necessarily for the company but for his wisdom in choosing his first voice and as a singer He has a large audience in the Arab world. Mohammed Assaf was alone in company and did not receive any progress or technical progress dedicated to the "star" before, at a time before some of his colleagues for success, including the Jordanian Adham Nabulsi and the Syrian Nassif Zitoun.

After the appointment of Turki Shabana as Minister of Information, the sources informed the media that the changes will take place soon, including the company, "the exclusion of the management of Timor Marmarisi and the appointment of Samar Aqrouq."

Aqrouq has for years been the regional director of MBC channels, is qualified by the Jordanian journalist Ayman Zeyod and is based in Beirut. The new change seems to be a revitalization of society after a five-year recession. The sources confirm the company itself that will hold the four artists who are part of it, Ahlam and Kazem El Saher, Melhem Zein and Mohammed Assaf, and will open the door to some stars.

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source: The new Arab

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