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Celebrities of the Arab world in the ten-year challenge


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# 10YEARSCHALLANGE # Social networking sites, the challenge is to publish two photos of the same person, with the difference of 10 years.

The Arab world has a part of this challenge, to show the change in form and character over time.

The Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram published a picture of her husband on their wedding day and ten years later with their large family of two girls.

The Iraqi singer Shatha Hassoun, has published two photos after ten years and asked their audience their opinion.

The challenge was not limited to the participation of the singer of the Emirates, Ahlam, and two of his photos were published on the Intergram website.

Asi Helani, a Lebanese singer, commented on the publication in a poem that said: "We have grown and loved by the people of Bazid, and the images are very vivid.

The public of the Syrian actor Tim Hassan reacted to the great change between the two images. Ten years ago.

The Tunisian actress Hend Sabri has taken up this challenge, demanding indifference to the years and smiling constantly.

Finally, the Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama published a photo of her with her family, commenting on it: this is a challenge for the whole family.

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