CCEG Seratio Blockchain Cryptocurrency Solution?

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What Is Student Coin?

Student Coin is basically a payment system that is powered by Seratio It is there to help students by giving them discounts in every transaction through financial and non-financial values. For each transaction, the user will get a micro-share in the company. Student Coin plans to offer financial services such as mini-loans, investment schemes and loans for individuals to start their own startups

Growth in the student market in the United Kingdom

The student market is comparatively increased in United Kingdom: Coin is preferred by most students residing in the UK and has enormous potential as it offers a wide range of student services and helps them financially.

dAPP Design And User Expe rience

Student Coin is developing a decentralized application, dAPP, which will be launched on both Android and iOS. The interface with which this app will be shared is that with mobile phones and web version, where it will be easy to use with the help of the buttons. Its layout is very simple with balanced colors that make the page elegant, this will also help you to read clearly in any lighting environment. The App has all the shortcuts on its home page that will easily lead you to the content you'd like to know.

Student Coin CCEG Seratio Blockchain Crypto Solution Features

Financial Profile

This is a unique feature that Student Coin has developed. This will help create a personalized account where the user can control it based on his spending habits, his investment styles or general money management. It will analyze the personal financial behavior of the user to give him better suggestions in the future and will be able to manage his account according to his needs and requests.

Investment Schemes

This scheme will provide the user with a guideline for the investment portfolio that will save their time in creating exchanges. It will provide long-term, medium-term or short-term plans based on user preferences and will help you choose a plan across the broad ranges.

Student Coin Conclusion

Student currency helps students at all times, both during and after university hours. For them, the student is on the list of priorities that are the future of the company. They have built a strong relationship with the students. It was like many how it helps the student to grow, learn and experiment with every financial situation they are facing. A satisfactory global portal providing a 24-hour service

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