4,000 new vacancies in Colombia

The investment promotion agency Invest in Bogota held this Wednesday (October 28) the second round of virtual job with over 4,000 job offers for people with different profiles. During the day, the participating companies were, for the most part, from the Information Technology sector, back office (professional services) and outsourcing …

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XFN Profile 1.1

XFN Profile 1.1 Authors As described in the HTML4 metadata profiles. rel HTML4 definition of the “rel” attribute. Below are some additional values, each of which can be used or omitted in any combination (unless otherwise specified and where prohibited by law) and their meaning, symmetry, transitivity is reverse if …

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Why is Tesla keeping an eye on Colombia?

Seeking the use of cheaper and more efficient materials for electric vehicle batteries, Tesla is targeting a negotiation with the Australian company in charge of the nickel exploitation of Cerro Matoso in Córdoba. The boom and the global reception compared to Tesla vehicles have had worldwide innovation from the hand …

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