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10 ways can help you destroy your career goals in 2019

From the start of the new millennium, our team here in Brighton has worked to provide you with the latest in digital journalism, allowing you to keep up with changes in our fast-paced industry.

Over the last 20 years, we have expanded the organization of two or three journalistic journalistic conferences each year, a commission for jobs full of media opportunities and a series of tailor-made training courses for news organizations in the United Kingdom. United and abroad.

We have a lot to do here on Why not take a look at all the opportunities we offer and start your new year on a high …

How the Bloomberg Media innovation hub designs information services that focus on the needs of the public

BHIVE, Bloomberg's research and prototyping group focused on the man of Bloomberg, launched in 2017 to understand what drives news consumers to interact with their brand.

The cross-functional team of designers, engineers, product developers and researchers works to create and test digital solutions that improve the news experience for the Bloomberg audience.

Blockchain: transparency is equivalent to trust?

Blockchain is not just about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum; this technology starts to be implemented in all types of sectors, such as real estate or healthcare.

The community of journalists slowly begins to take note of the blockchain, with many using the word of order without being sure one hundred percent of what it really means.

So, how does the blockchain work and why should journalists care? To find out, we talked to Daniel Sieberg, co-founder of iO and blockchain expert, who helps us shed light on what the blockchain actually is in our weekly podcast.

Quint tests interactive ads within messaging chatbots to increase revenue streams

The mobile-first news editor The Quint has targeted interactive advertising as a potential new revenue stream this year, hoping to improve the engagement metric five times.

The India-based organization has been creative on messaging platforms, using chatbots to increase traffic to their site, giving consumers a new way to access news and receive regular news updates.

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