Cardano speaks of blockchain innovation with the Mongolian government


Cardano has not yet completed the introduction of blockchain technology in developing countries. Founder Charles Hoskinson revealed that he recently visited Mongolia to discuss ways to use technology to innovate the government and the economic sectors of the country.

Hoskinson, who was part of the original team of Ethereum taken on Twitter to share a picture of his meeting with the Mongolian minister Damdin Tsogtbaatar.

Unfortunately, he refrained from sharing specific details of the meeting, as well as confirming that the couple chatted about "business", "blockchain" and "innovation".

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So cute – sticking on a cup of tea!

Cardano has dedicated a significant part of his time to the construction of blockchain pilots for the poorest nations in the world.

Already in May, the company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Technology. If it expands, the agreement will see Cardano train a new generation of blockchain developers in Ethiopia.

Hoskinson has previously revealed that the first group of Ethiopian blockchain developers should graduate by the end of the year. The hope is that they will end up actively contributing to the Cardano code.

It has not yet been seen how much of an improvement Cardano's technology can bring to developing countries. While there are tons of companies trying to use blockchain to innovate, not all attempts so far have been a success.

Published 17 September 2018 – 15:40 UTC

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