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There is a ray of hope in the crypto-sphere: Litecoin is up three percent, repelling the lowest lows at just $ 50, while the Stellar Lumens bulls added five percent following earnings 11 September Others like EOS and Monero are stable but on the upper limit with Monero tending to $ 100, a psychological level. Meanwhile, ADA is below 7 cents ATLs, which means our sales triggers are important news about the integration of Metaps ADA in November 2018.

Let's take a look at these graphs:

EOS Price Analysis

  EOS Technical Analysis

EOS Daily Chart for Trading View

The fall in Ether (ETH) prices should logically support EOS, but for some reason it was not the case. If anything, the movement of EOS was limited to a very tight trading interval with support found between $ 4.5 and $ 4.

As mentioned before, the temporary truce could only be found when prices exceed $ 5, 5, our very minor resistance line. When that happens, then maybe EOS would have gathered some momentum to reverse last week's losses. However, it seems to be a high order and the proximity of $ 4 increases the odds of a break below and brings targets of $ 1.5 affected.

Litecoin Price Analysis (LTC)

From the news

  • Even as Litecoin developers take the risky way of creating a web based portfolio, Charlie Lee can not simply stop blasting Bitcoin Cash. Citing low hashish rates – it is about 6 percent of Bitcoin; he said that a continued Bitcoin mining attack on the Bitcoin Cash network would have wiped out the currency in as little as 20 days. But he thinks Bitcoin miners will not waste time on these activities. On issues related to cryptocurrency and adoption, Charlie Lee thinks that the only way Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies would gain traction is if users find an easy way to use Crypto for their daily transactions. This would trigger mass adoption and the only way to encourage this is to build fast and robust systems with user-friendly user interfaces. For him, that's how people really start to appreciate what it means to be their banks.

Price Analysis

  Litecoin Technical Analysis (LTC)

Litecoin Daily Chart for Trading View

Thanks to a three percent gain in LTC, sellers slowed down by preventing sales from rising below $ 50. Instead, what we have is a pin bar with practically nil sales pressures but visibly strong in shorter times.

While we can suggest long, the best approach is to maintain a neutral position bearing in mind that any bull candlestick press at the $ 50 sign must complete a three-bar reversal pattern and trigger the next wave of purchases.

If this is the case today, we will start making purchases sooner on Friday with the first targets at $ 70 and later $ 90. Otherwise, and sellers reverse these losses, the trip up to $ 30 is open to each retrocession of $ 50 as expected in previous previous LTC forecasts.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Price Analysis

  Stellar Lumens (XLM) Technical Analysis

Stellar Lumens Daily Chart of Trading View

Although the news on the acquisition of Chain Stellar Foundation should be bullish for XLM, prices are indeed stable and fluctuate within the historical minimums of 12 September.

According to our XLM spelled business plans yesterday, we recommend suspending trading until there is a solid closing below 18 cents inviting sellers or there is a rally above 25 cents reversing the week ending 9 mention of a possible recovery.

Although it is unlikely, any interruption of less than 18 cents will undoubtedly reinvigorate the sellers who point to 8 cents or the lows of December 2017.

Price analysis Cardano (ADA)

From the news

  • Within November Metaps will complete their integration with ADA making it possible for consumers to make purchases on 33k stores throughout South Korea.

Price Analysis

  Cardano (ADA) Technical Analysis

Cardano daily chart for Trading View [19659006] With a decline of three percent on the last day, ADA has closed below 7 cents, which means that prices are now trading in new historical lows. But it could get worse for ADA, especially if the sellers are lower today.

Because of this new development, we will have to negotiate according to the established plan and sell on every new test now that we have a bear breaking pattern. The ADA sellers put their stops at around 8 cents and let the trade drop only when arrests occur or when solid inversion patterns are printed later in the bear territory.

Monero (XMR) Price Analysis

  Monero (XMR) Technical Analysis

Monero Daily Chart for Trading View

The trendline of the main support is proving again useful for XMR. From the rankings, not only have we seen a decline in the lower lows in lesser periods of time, with the consequent reference to the bull's bullish bull, but the sellers' failure to push prices below the psychological level of $ 100 speak of momentum below.

Technically, XMR is in a downtrend, but any move above the $ 110 or $ 120 level could trigger a minor revival to reverse losses on September 5th. On the other side of the coin, any plunge and close below $ 100 will confirm our previous XMR price forecast and could easily see prices by printing $ 70 or less

Disclaimer : This is not an investment advice and the views represent that of the author. Do your research before making an investment decision.

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