Cardano and Ethereum can become the biggest competitors for Smart Contracts

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Cardano and Ethereum could become the biggest competitors for smart contracts

Ethereum is synonymous with intelligent contracts in cryptographic space. However, with the entry of players like Cardano, Ethereum could prepare for the first real challenge to their domain of smart contracts, which are self-executed contracts that function as planned.

Although Cardanus is a relatively new currency, the cryptocurrency has made itself a name for itself and has even become one of the top 10 based on capital letters. The coin whose founder is a co-founder of Ethereum aims to bring scientific research and rigorous peer review to the cryptosphere and has had some success in doing so.

The project has recently announced the release of Marlowe, which will also provide escrow services as it will break the current escrow platforms and financial services as we know it. The company behind Cardano's research and development, IOHK recently announced that Marlowe will be made interactive with other languages. This will improve and increase its use cases and increase the adoption of Cardano as a platform for decentralized applications with consequent gains for ADA, the Cardano token.

Charles Hoskinson of Cardano could fall in love with controversy

It is common knowledge that with the proliferation of digital currencies, competition has become so rigid that only the best can be seen and heard. Perhaps there are other strategies used by the teams to get the scrambled community to take note of their project. That strategy consists of courting controversy as we have seen recently with the Ripple team.

Recently, the founder of Cardano Charles Hoskinson has been involved in some controversies that may have been instrumental in making the currency visible apart from its utility. His confused corrections with Buterin are one, another is his claim to "secret projects" being developed for the platform and flourishing with which these projects are announced.

There is no doubt that Cardano is a useful project, but the ease with which the platform token (ADA) has become attractive may not just be technological appeal but smart marketing through disputes, sometimes.

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