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The battle between altcoin continues to rage. In an attempt to become the best altcoin, Cardano and Tron have become two of the most performing and promising coins. The two cryptocurrencies in recent months have dominated the titles with their unique perspectives. However, they have raised a debate among experts on which one is better than the other. Although experts differ on this, it can not be denied that they are both dynamic and offer everything that is expected of an altcoin. Here are the coins and projects that support them.

Cardano (ADA)

Since it was launched in 2015, Cardano has been one of the most dynamic projects. The project is led by one of the most experienced entrepreneurs, Charles Hoskinson. If the name seems familiar, it is because it was the co-founder of Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC). These are two of the most successful cryptocurrencies at the moment. His extensive experience has brought out the Cardano project which has had an impact on everything he has learned about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The Cardano project has remained implacable in the years in which it existed and this has led to some important partnerships. This included governments wishing to explore the platform of the project's smart contract. Recently, the project collaborated with Metaps, which will see the currency used in over 40,000 stores in South Korea.

Cardano aims to solve the challenges faced by Ethereum. This includes scalability, seamlessness and speed. He also demonstrated that he has a better PoE (Proof of Stake) model than Ethereum. In terms of development, Cardano is not just thinking about Ethereum, but is also thinking about the future of cryptocurrencies. Coming with better solutions for cryptocurrencies. By itself, it has not only done better than its main rival Ethereum, but also all the other cryptocurrencies that could one day depend on what it is working on at this time.

Tron (TRX)

This year was the most successful for Tron. The year saw the company launch its MainNet (whose accounts have now surpassed those of EOS) successfully leaving the Ethereum network. He also launched a TronWallet for Android. More recently, the project announced a partnership agreement with Bitcoin Superstore and BITBOX. The agreement will allow TRX holders to purchase using the currency in over 200,000 e-commerce stores. To complete the whole, the company has also successfully purchased BitTorrent and has now launched uTorrent Web.

Much of the project's success can be attributed to the founder and CEO, Justin Sun. When it comes to collaborating with companies, how to move. For example, with the BitTorrent agreement, it was revealed that it was not the highest bidder. The operation would also take months to complete, making it one of the most discussed acquisitions. Justin demonstrated his devotion to the project and the commitment to ensuring that the agreement was made. Before starting Tron, Sun worked for Ripple, also has an adequate experience of the internal operation of the industry.

The Tron project plans to revolutionize the entertainment industry and the Internet. Through their blockchain technology, the team is decentralizing the Internet and the entertainment industry.

Conclusion …

Tron is currently listed on 102 different markets and Cardano on 30 markets, so when it comes to adoption, Tron is ahead. Given the difference in the projects each is pioneering, it is expected that Tron will be adopted faster than Cardano. But there is no way to say who will win this battle.

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