Candidate governor Jared Polis wants to bring Blockchain to Colorado


U.S .. Representative Jared Polis (D-Colorado) has been a fan of cryptocurrencies for a while. He is now a candidate for governor and has added proposals on the adoption of the blockchain and its political platform.

A growing number of political candidates in the United States are making technology-related issues a key part of the campaigns.

U.S. The representative Jared Polis (D-Colorado) is no different. He was a defender of the cryptocurrencies of people both inside and outside the congress halls.

Polis supported the regulation that would require federal employees to disclose virtual currencies, and shot Senator Joe Manchin in 2014 when the West requested a ban Bitcoin 0 0 .

Polis replied asking for a satirical ban on the US dollar, taking advantage of the opportunity to highlight certain faults with legal tender and numerous advantages of cryptocurrencies.

Polis won the nomination for Democratic governors for Colorado last month and is now trying to become governor of the state. As part of its electoral platform, Polis highlighted the benefits of the blockchain for Colorado companies and has released some proposals on how it intends to integrate the technology if it wins.

Campaigning on Blockchain

A variety of Polis' political positions, as well as his background, have helped his campaign to capture attention. He is a supporter of Medicare for everyone and would become the first openly gay man to become governor of the country if he had been elected.

Polis has also touted its technological background as a force for potential voters. Several of his startups have been very successful during the dot-com boom boom, and in an interview he mentioned how he was an early adopter in virtual currencies.

 Polis has also publicized its technological background as a strong point for potential voters.

His official campaign website presents a page for "Blockchain Policy", which promises to explore

the potential use of blockchain technology and supports the business community, policy experts, Local communities and Coloradans to build a solid economy for the future

Blockchain for the Future

Recently, Polis published a few steps of action that he would take if he had been chosen to use and integrate blockchain technology in the affairs of the state. .

His first point has to do with researching how blockchain technology can be used to improve municipal and national elections as part of an effort to "implement the IT security infrastructure of the 21st century" .

Polis also notes how he would collaborate with the state legislature to develop standards that emulate what was seen in Wyoming.

He believes that this type of move could help Colorado involve innovative companies such as issuers, exchanges and supplier portfolios, all "without the licensing requirements of the multitude of securities laws."

Hopeful Hubs

The Wyoming legislators have also worked hard to make their state an attractive destination for blockchain and cryptocurrency fans by presenting bills that many see as industry-friendly. West Virginia is also testing a blockchain-based voting application for out-of-state military personnel

Furthermore, Polis claims to work alongside service companies to see how the blockchain can be used to strengthen the network energy, exploring public records helps to digitize government registers and, in general, to further expand the use of blockchains by collaborating with local communities and businesses.

Overall, Polis writes as his goal is "to establish Colorado as a national hub for blockchain innovation in business and government". think that strong leadership will attract companies that will work to help save taxpayers' money and give value to state residents.

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