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Internet is one of the most used resources in the world. It transcends all industries and its growth is without limits. Tron, on the other hand, has positioned itself in the forefront of the future decentralized internet. The platform has had an impact not only on the blockchain industry but also on the lives of people all over the world. The website states that "TRON is one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world."

The Ethereum project, on the other hand, is the king of decentralized applications and smart contracts. It is a decentralized platform created to support the development of these special programs. Ensures that applications work accurately by eliminating all cases of downtime, censorship, interference from third parties and fraud. "The apps work on a custom-built blockchain, an enormously powerful shared global infrastructure that can enhance and represent property ownership."

While Ethereum opened the blockchain industry to a myriad of digital applications and tokens, it was the development of other construction platforms that are threatening to "kill" Ethereum especially in this area. . The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is the world computer in which developers create decentralized applications that execute the Ethereum blockchain.

Tron, on the other hand, has achieved several goals this year. Including, but not limited to, the launch of mainnet, the acquisition of BitTorrent, the success of token migration and the launch of Tron Virtual Machine (TVM). In addition to this, the network announced the release of Project Atlas.

The Tron Virtual Machine was built on the network's blockchain. It has greatly expanded the ecosystem and its use cases. The launch marked one of Tron's greatest hits. As covered by Crypto Recorder, TVM offers much more than other virtual machines (TVM) in the industry. TVM developers have the ability to write programs (smart contracts) and then run them on the Tron blockchain. Beyond that, the creation of decentralized applications has been simplified with a series of tools specially designed to help developers.

Tron intends to build the largest decentralized in the world and the Tron Virtual Machine has positioned them in the right direction towards this goal. Unlike the Ethereum Virtual Machine, TVM has been developed to offer seamless compatibility with other virtual machines in the industry such as EOS VM. EVM has been criticized in many cases, but experts say that current applications require a fast platform, work at minimal cost and ensure high scalability.

TVM uses Java as the primary language. Java was chosen because it does not block non-blockchain programmers. Likewise, applications that have already been built outside the blockchain can be integrated with the technology while using the Tron network.

Interestingly, Tron is launching TRONBOX, a development tool designed to provide a framework and environment that supports the distribution and testing of smart contracts. The official website of the newly launched project states that "TRONBOX is a community project based on a decentralized platform with a promising future called TRON Network, whose main objective is to build a community that closely interacts with the TRON platform, with goal to strengthen and stronger together. "

Tron's future is not only brilliant, but it is also full of great developments that will have a major impact in the blockchain industry as well as in the real world, especially when it comes to decentralization of the Internet. Tron's vision is to restore power to users and to decentralize it to the big players in the market. And with the kind rhythm that the project is developing, this future is not only achievable, it is now!

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