Can Slow Cryptocurrency recovery be sustained?

Markets are slowly recovering this weekend; XRP, EOS, Neo and Tron date back, VeChain falling slightly.

The slow pursuit of the uptrend continued over the weekend as cryptocurrencies add further gains after the lower levels of the year. The total market capitalization has increased slightly and currently holds over $ 215 billion, up 14% over Tuesday's crash.

Bitcoin has not moved much in the last 24 hours, it is still trading at $ 6,500. BTC reached and broke $ 6,600 a few hours ago, but the resistance was too strong and folded again. Ethereum is still late with small gains every day now, today it is 2.2% higher than $ 308, although the rise has slowed and prices have lagged somewhat.

Altcoins are practically all green this morning. Leading the gains in the top ten at the moment is XRP with a further rise of 7.5% to $ 0.335. The Ripple token was the best player in the top ten yesterday, also because the partnership expansions and new developments have given momentum. Also on Saturday, EOS is rising with a 7.5% increase to $ 5.26, similar to Bitcoin Cash, which rose 6.3% to $ 5.73. The rest shows minor gains of around 2-4%.

Looking further down the top twenty charts Neo is ahead with an 8% climb in the day at $ 19 and Tron is not far behind with the addition of 7% to the trade at $ 0.022 . The only loser in the top twenty at the moment is VeChain, down 9%, however this is natural since the currency has exceeded 40% in the past day.

In the top 100 TausTu showed an epic pump of 84%, but as with most low-capital altcoins it will probably follow a landfill. Nebulas, Cortex and Aion are also achieving good results right now with over 20% gains in the day. At the other end of the scale, Dentacoin and Waltonchain join VeChain as the biggest losers of the day.

The total capitalization of the crypto market has grown by almost 2% the day the altcoins recover from their stagnation. It is currently at $ 217 billion, which is still almost 27% less than this time last month. The volume of trade remained unchanged at $ 15 billion a day. These little rallies have been seen countless times before this year, so things could go back south very quickly if this is not sustained for a longer period.

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