Buy Ripple's Cryptocurrency coin (XRP token) on these 6 major Crypto Exchange

Buy Ripple's Cryptocurrency coin (XRP token) on these 6 major Crypto Exchange

There are several crypto coins in the market and each is required in different periods of the year. When we look at the Ripple XRP, we can see that the need for this particular asset has increased recently. This happened despite the current stop that occurred in the last days, which is expected after a gain of 110% in just a week.

The first six exchanges to buy XRP in 2018

However, the following six exchanges are worth checking out if you are considering buying an XRP sooner or later in the near future.


In today's world where digital assets and cryptographic coins are the main assets purchased, it is evident to most investors that the OKEx is a force that many should face. The token has become a very popular altcoin exchange, which has been able to offer a very fair exchange pair, without forgetting that XRP pairs have been booming in the market. Users of this token are able to exchange XRP against ETH, BTC and USDT that have the Tether as the most popular in the lot.

If you compare the token with others on the market, you will find that OKEx is not the most liquid in the XRP exchange platform, but the token trading volume has remained around $ 100M per day.


The token was once considered the main exchange in the world based in the United States; however, he is facing a lot of competition in the market from other platforms when he exposes the various users to the native Ripple XRP. BitFinex's main XRP trading pair is against the US dollar, but that's not all that BTC can offer in this particular phase.

When we look at the fiat currency, they played a crucial role in the cryptography market, and Bitfinex was able to provide exactly that.


South Korea's latest news exchange has left its mark on the cryptography market and Bithumb has become one of the industry leaders in this regard, and that's all thanks to the KRW trading pair. In addition, it is the only market vendor for XRP enthusiasts, and the good thing is that it is able to generate enough volume that has been able to keep the platform in the top five.


Bitbank is a Japanese exchange that does not generate the necessary buzz in the media, but has been very successful in the trading arena, this is when it comes to XRP trading. Unfortunately, at the moment it only offers a JPY exchange for the asset, but it is a very crucial fiat currency gateway that users will need to be informed about. Japan has proven to be a leading market for XRP and cryptocurrencies in the market.


The competition that exists in the South Korean trade started to hit since Upbit started to hit its current pace. The exchange was very successful looking at XRP trading. The reason is that it is able to mate with Ripple resources conveniently against BTC, Korean Won, USDT and ETH. Having these four options available is beneficial for users.


Every cryptographic currency that you find in the market can be bought, exchanged and sold on Binance very easily. And XRP is no exception when it comes to this. Binance is able to provide the BTC, USDT, BNB and ETH trading pairs that can be used for the native Ripple asset. All these markets have been able to contribute to the overall volume of the platform, but from these mentioned it is the USDT that is the most popular.

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