Buy Bitcoin! French yellow waistcoats Start the bank run


The Jaune Bank Run gilet

On Monday, a report emerged that France's yellow jersey movement, an anti-establishment group disgusted by President Emmanuel Macron and his policies, was planning to start a run on banks. A French Youtube account called "Geniale (genius)", which publishes videos related to Gilet Jaune (Yellow Vests), rediscovered a video by Nicolle Maxime, in which he stated that he was trying to mobilize people to withdraw money from centralized financial institutions . Unfortunately, he did not mention consumers to buy Bitcoin (BTC).

In the thirty-three minute video, the French citizen exposed his thoughts on the entire movement, along with the steps the government took to restrain the yellow jackets. Although his thoughts were scattered, while covering a series of arguments in a rantesco style, the key point was that in "Act 9" (TheDecentral reported on this first), individuals had to withdraw all their capital and their activities from centralized banking transactions entities instead of uprising / peaceful protest.

A Twitter user who bears the name Suprateek Bose said about the fact that 70% of all French will support Gilet Jaune, which means that thousands, probably more, will be pouring into the banks in the coming weeks to destabilize the system traditional financial – full of reserves fractions and alleged bad actors.

At the time of writing, the French media were quiet on the subject, while local banks have not yet commented. But if history is an indicator (think of the previous French uprisings), there is the possibility that Maxime's cries for a bank run can succeed.

/ r / Bitcoin quickly picked up the news, with a Reddit thread on the topic quickly skyrocketed at the top of the forum. Since the release of the thread, only 15 hours ago, hundreds of irreducible cryptocurrencies have done their best to speculate on the subject. Some have praised the French people for their courage, with an editorial staff of Redditor, "the French have always been the tip of the spear when it comes to social change and the humiliation of tyrants." Others have expressed similar views, arguing that the Bitcoin community is there for the French "couriers".

Bitcoin & The Yellow Vest Movement

And while only a few Jaester Gilet have launched Bitcoin openly and openly, many from the outside are convinced that the top cryptocurrency can play an important role in this ongoing Yellow Vest movement, which is going on for its ninth week.

More specifically, some have argued that when French society continues to be a victim of shortcomings, Bitcoin can choose where to slow down the centralized bodies. Whether this means that Bitcoin becomes an alternative banking system, a decentralized transactional medium or a store of value, many optimists believe that BTC could collect loads of adoption in the nation as turbulence ensues.

Bitcoin Enthusiast sponsor Yellow "Treasure hunt" vest in Paris

And it seems that the potential of Bitcoin to help this movement has already been observed. Pascal Boyart, a French artist, recently brought to his Twitter page to reveal that a painting depicting Yellow Gilet in a revolutionary scenario had a secret Bitcoin puzzle. The puzzle, sponsored by Alistair Milne, a Silicon Valley pro-crypt venture capitalist, which contains 0.28 BTC ($ 1,000), has not yet been resolved.

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