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Litecoin is one of the most valuable digital currencies on the market. It was created to improve the Bitcoin structure. Also at this, Litecoin has become increasingly popular as a payment option in recent times. If you have some Litecoin and you are wondering where to use them, read on to find out the first 5 places that accept Litecoin payments.

The 5 best companies that accept payments with Litecoin

1. Spend your Litecoin on eGifter
This is a New York donation site that has partnered with GoCoin to provide users with Litecoin and Bitcoin payment options. According to the team, accepting Litecoin payments is a good business move as many retailers have reported a massive sales boom after accepting payments in Bitcoin and Litecoin.

2. Pay for IT services at Ellenet
This is an Australian provider of IT solutions that accepts payments in Litecoin and Bitcoin. The company has grown a lot since it was founded in 1998 and is planning to expand even further. The company has partnered with Petabit Pty. Ltd, a digital marketing company that works with Litecoins and Bitcoin. The partnership is what has allowed Ellenet to activate Litecoin payments.

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3. Make a donation to Sean's outpost
This is a homeless assistance center that strives to improve local Satoshi communities by accepting Litecoin donations. The outreach provides meals for those affected by poverty. The team behind the project is positive that further donations will be made to promote their mission through Litecoins and Bitcoin.

4. Buy Mining Hardware from KnCMiner
This is a mining hardware company that offers cryptocurrency enthusiasts opportunities to earn Bitcoin and Litecoin. The mining hardware you intend to buy can be purchased with Litecoins which makes it suitable

5. Buy a car on Benz and Beamer
You can get the best car offers on Benz and Beamer with Litecoins. Their transactions go through GoCoin and make closing operations fast and efficient.

These are the first five places to use Litecoin if I was tired of trading with them.

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