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BTCP dives after Exposé, Team To Hard Fork Bitcoin Private

CoinMetrics exhibits Bitcoin Private

On Sunday, Coin Metrics, an open source cryptographic asset analytics team, released an overwhelming report on Bitcoin Private (BTCP), a fork of Bitcoin and ZClassic (which in turn is a fork of ZCash). In the report, entitled "Do not trust, verify" in a clear mention of the popular saying in the crypto community, it was revealed that the project, which was depicted as a private version of Bitcoin (BTC), could potentially create two million tokens from nothing, which was not mentioned in the white paper.

Specifically, there were 102 "extra large blocks" during BTC's "supply" import into BTCP, which created "400 unexpected outputs". For Coin Metrics, each of those mysterious block outputs contained 50 BTCP each, or 102 "extra-large blocks", which contained 400 unexpected outputs, 2,040,000 BTCP was falsely coined from nothing.

These tokens would have been routed to shielded addresses (a feature of ZCash), subsequently going unnoticed for a long period of time, due to the fact that the block explorer sites had not taken note of this influx of fraudulent BTCPs.

Then, between mid-July and mid-August, the individual behind the coin began to clear his holdings, withdrawing 300,000 BTCP from the screened puddle to allegedly be mass-downloaded. In total, according to Coin Metrics estimates, the individual has probably eliminated $ 1 million to $ 3 million in profits.

In the beginning, the crypto community in general, which has always had a penchant for detesting Bitcoin forks, has quickly challenged the Bitcoin Private team, claiming to have left a vulnerability on purpose. Some have taken to hitting Rhett Creighton, a controversial figure in the industry and an alleged supporter of the BTCP. Others, like Bitcoiner conductor Peter Todd, have said that the founders of the project have done it. Mike Dudas, the founder of The Block, has had time to double his support for Bitcoin, claiming that this debacle only accentuates the fact that BTC is genuine, not a crossroads of any kind.

This feeling was widespread throughout the cryptosphere, when important insiders went to their Twitter pages to recall the project.

Chain to be hard forked

However, since this relationship arose, project leaders have issued a long response about a media refutation. The answer, which was only published a 'hour or two ago, reveals what was allegedly happening, emphasizing that it is not the team's fault that two million BTCPs were rewarded.

In fact, it was explained that a non-core developer obtained a contributor access to the BTCP GitHub, which allowed it to potentially omit a relevant line of code. During the fork, a bad anonymous actor (perhaps the developer in one aspect) has "exploited this bug" to generate the sum in question.

Keeping this in mind, the Bitcoin Private team decided that it would be advantageous to forge its mainchain, removing all shielded coins from existence (only ~ 20,000 of which are legitimate, the other 1.7-1.8 million were falsely generated) . The solution, which is coded in this way, will solve the problem of excess supply on the chain and ensure that the attacker can not liquidate any fraudulent BTCP token.

BTCP precipitates

Regardless of this, despite the rapid response of the Bitcoin Private team, the damage has already been done to the BTCP markets. After the release of the exhibit piece, the business collapsed from $ 2.42 to $ 1.9 within a few hours. And even after the release of the response, BTCP has maintained its point of support around $ 1.95, failing to move higher or lower in pace with the global cryptographic market.

At the time of writing, BTCP has a value of $ 1.96, with a performance of 24 hours which translates into a loss of 17.2%. Interestingly, this move comes on the back of an influx of volumes, so the tumultuous price action is likely to continue moving in the near future, especially as this controversy continues to unfold.

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