BTC / USD Daily – 7 August 2018


BTC / USD Daily – 7 August 2018

The BTC / USD Daily Report for 7 August 2018

The 1-day interval for BTC is $ 6907 – $ 7150. It is currently up 2.14% in the last 24 hours.

Current BTC / USD stocks

Bitcoin's price is "rebounding"

  • "Wall Street Bull Tom Lee says cryptocurrency is gradually regaining market share – which should comfort the Bitcoin enthusiasts. "

Wall Street to give Bitcoin more impetus

  • " Wall Street is working on a new platform that will facilitate the trading, storage and spending of digital resources. "

Bitmain invests 500 Millions of Dollars in a Texas-based mining facility

  • "Bitmain Bitmain (BTC), a Bitmain mining company, will build a $ 500 million blockchain data center and a Texas mining facility as part of its expansion into the US market, the company revealed in a press release on August 6. "

Trading Techniques BTC / USD

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<p>  <em> Technical information on </em><em> </em> </p>
<p>  Even with the + 2% increase in BTC, most factors are signaling to sell or shorten the BTC / USD at this time. Moving averages are almost completely in the red territory. This despite a series of good news from the banks (Goldman Sachs) and the adoption (NYSE's Bakkt plans). <u> Starbucks made it clear he will not accept BTC </u> but he did not rule it out in the long run. Traders have shown some optimism in BTC in the last 24 hours, but there is uncertainty if it can break the main barriers that it has seen as $ 7200 and higher than $ 7,700. We will probably see a fall below $ 7,000 and again in struggle with support levels near $ 6950 and $ 6900. </p>
<h2>  BTC / USD trading charts </h2>
<p>  <em> TA </p>
<p> <em>  <em> TA from the & # 39; user </em><em>  xuanhaimmoer </em><em>  with a brief perspective BTC </em> </p>
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