BSV leader Craig Wright calls Crypto Asset Educator Andres Antonopoulos a & # 39; Shitcoin Expert & # 39;

BSV leader Craig Wright calls Crypto Asset Educator Andres Antonopoulos a & # 39; Shitcoin Expert & # 39;

Craig Wright, one of the most controversial figures in the cryptocurrency space attacked Andres Antonopoulos calling him a shitcoin expert. Andreas Antonopoulos is one of the most respected Bitcoin experts in the world and is also known for writing the so-called Mastering Bitcoin.

Craig Wright is also known to be called Satoshi Nakamoto, even when he has not provided complete proof of it. At the same time, Wright also supported Bitcoin SV (BSV), a virtual currency recently bifurcated by Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

According to Wright, people like Antonopoulos are anti-banking, anti-government and based on Ponzi scams and schemes. Wright, the chief scientist of nhain, claimed that the mastery of Bitcoin was a mistake and 'absurd'.

The main difference between these two cryptographic digits could be related to the fact that Antonopoulos supports Bitcoin's Lightning Network (LN) network rather than a chain scalability solution. At the same time, Antonopoulos also supported Segregated Witness (SegWit).

Craig he has always been against the LN say which was "faulty" and that would not work as expected. He said it is probably faulty because of a misunderstanding surrounding Bitcoin.

Second Antonopoulos, do not pursue for LN and level 2 solutions would influence the network and make it more centralized.

In 2017, Antonopoulos wrote in a blog post:

"Ironically, the people who oppose LN are vehemently against it [Off-chain trusted third-party custodial] but resisting the segwit they are actually encouraging and feed the centralization in a greater counterparty risk through centralized intermediaries. The question is already pushing us this way. The lack of an alternative without trust leaves only an alternative. No segwit / no LN does not mean chain transactions. It means in-base transactions, which is worse. "

Craig Wright he is currently working on nChain trying to expand the reach of Bitcoin SV and compete properly against Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin itself.

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