Both Kim Kardashian and the operator of the New York Stock Exchange enter Bitcoin


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Top Stories This Week

The New York Stock Exchange operator announces the Digital Assets platform, BTC Futures

Intercontinental Exchange, the operator of 23 global stock exchanges including the New York Stock Exchange ( NYSE), announced plans to launch an "open and regulated" global digital resources ecosystem, as well as one day physically handed over the Bitcoin contracts pending CFTC review and approval. The company, called "Bakkt", will work with companies such as BCG, Microsoft and Starbucks.

South Korean authorities investigate Sunken Treasure Crypto Scam

South Korean authorities are investigating a possible scam on cryptocurrency investments by Seoul Shinil Group, which promised investors that would be reimbursed with gold from a sunken Russian ship discovered last month. It is said that the Russian armored cruiser, sunk 113 years ago, has about $ 131 billion of gold.

Square payment services: $ 70 million Bitcoin revenue for the first half of 2018

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's Square, a service payment that added a Bitcoin option in November last year , revealed in a quarterly report that generated over $ 70 million in Bitcoin revenues in the first half of 2018. According to the report, BTC revenue compared to the first quarter 2018 was $ 34 million The second quarter of 2018 was of $ 37 million and total revenue for the second quarter of 2018 was $ 814 million.

Kim Kardashian West "Moves Onto Bitcoin" at Charity Poker Night

Kim Kardashian West has published a story on Instagram $ 114 million of followers last week of what appeared to be his betting physical chips of Bitcoin at an evening of charity poker. Physical scramblers seem to resemble a bitcoin designed by Kialara, which the scrambled entrepreneur Matt Roszak tweeted for giving to Kardashian West that day.

Coinbase Custody considers the addition of 40 Altcoin to its custodial service

Crypto wallet and exchange Coinbase announced this week that it is considering adding 40 new resources to its custody service, with # 39 warning that could be added "just for storage" and are not currently considering them for trading. Coinbase noted that adding a resource to Coinbase Custody is not indicative of the fact that it will be added to other Coinbase products, adding that all of the assets under consideration for trading must exceed the GDAX Digital Asset Framework.

Most Memorable Quotations

"If something wants to be treated as money, you have to be able to spend, save and calculate with it […] So we do not consider [cryptocurrency] to be money as such," –

Petra Hielkema, divisional director of the Dutch Central Bank

"And we do not want your money, give it to charity We are worried that others can give their money to something that is not safe in way in which they seem to suggest "- Alan Woodward, a researcher of cryptocurrencies, on his reasons for not claiming the size of the Bitfi portfolio even if a vulnerability is detected

" But if you want to say I'm wrong, please answer the question, which problem solve the cryptocurrency? Do not just try to scream the skeptics with a mix of technobabble and libertario derub "- Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize winning economist

Laws And Taxes

Bank Of Tha iland allows banks to set up subsidiaries […] linked to crypt [19659006] Bank of Thailand has announced that local banks can set up branches to deal with cryptocurrencies, while claiming that banks and other financial institutions are still banned from dealing directly from the crypt. According to the regulatory announcement, Thai banks can now issue digital tokens, provide encryption services, manage cryptographic assets and invest in cryptocurrencies with subsidiaries.

Mt. Gox group: update of the terms of the civil rehabilitation plan

Lawyers representing a group of creditors of the now disused Japanese Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has revised their civil rehabilitation plan The plan confirms that payments will be made in Bitcoin and Bitcoin C ash, noting that the "remaining cash" from the sale of BTC and BCH should be paid to BTC creditors after the repayment to monetary creditors. The recently updated plan notes that the reimbursement in altcoins is "unrealistic", citing the different coin selections listed in the cryptographic exchanges.


The Cannabis Culture Media Org High Times accepts Cripto in the initial public offering

High Times Holding Corp., a media organization of the culture of cannabis, accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum in its initial public offering in an apparent The first time a traditional offer of shares is accepted for encryption. The CEO of High Times said he added cryptographic support to attract more investors into the company, pointing out that it would be "foolish" to exclude the cryptographic investor base.

Australia allocates $ 1.7 million of subsidies for sustainable sugar blockchain Project

The Australian government granted about $ 1.7 million in a grant to the Sustainable Sugar project for the use of blockchain to track the origin of sugar supplies in Australia. The initiative, known as the practice of managing the smart cane base, is part of the boost of the sugar industry for greater sustainability and traceability.

Cryptographic wallet, exchange of coins Support for the British pound

Crypto exchange and wallet Coinbase has announced that support for the British pound will come out. According to Coinbase, the new function will allow UK customers to buy and sell crypts for pounds within the same day. Initially, the feature will only be available for some current customers, with the service becoming available to all UK customers "in the coming weeks."

Tom Lee's market research firm adds Bitcoin payment option

Fundstrat Global Tom Lee's advisory, market strategy and search provider will begin accepting Bitcoin for the contents via the BitPay payment operator. According to the press release, the payment option will allow to institutional investors, financial advisers, entities with a high equity and other entities to use Bitcoin to purchase access to Fundstrat's reports on various financial sectors.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia sends 17 tons of almonds with Blockchain

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has announced the completion of a successful trade of 17 tons of almonds from Melbourne to Hamburg, Germany, using its new platform blockchain. The platform runs on distributed ledger technology, the Internet of Things and smart contracts, with the goal of digitizing operations, documentation and finance in global trade.

Mergers, acquisitions and partnerships

Binance acquires open source, decentralized trust portfolio in the first public acquisition

Criminal exchange Binance has purchased Trust Wallet, an open, anonymous and decentralized portfolio which supports Ethereum (ETH) and over 20,000 different Ethereum-based tokens (ERC20, ERC223 and ERC721). Binance said in an interview that he paid a mix of fiat shares, Binance and his own BNB token for the company, which will remain mostly autonomous with Binance helping with the administration and working on the development of marketing.

Zambia signs a protocol of understanding with the subsidiary Blockchain of Overstock

The Government of Zambia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Governance Land Governance (MLG) of Overstock, the controlled the land register of the blockchain of the American colossus. Under the terms of the MoU, Zambia and the MLG will collaborate on land ownership review, allowing rural landowners to legitimize their properties and access the financial world.

Thomas Reuters collaborates with Crypto Tracking Resource Crypto Confrontation

The Canadian media and information society Thomson Reuters has announced a partnership of data encrypted with the CryptoCompare cryptocurrency tracking resource, with the company set to provide order and exchange data on 50 cryptocurrencies for institutional finance focused on the Reuters investor Eikon desktop platform. Reuters' strategy director for innovation and blockchain noted that "the decline in the price of many of the major cryptocurrencies in 2018" did not diminish the "growing demand from our customers to cover the prices of the main names ".

Fintech of the United Kingdom Billon signs a letter of intent with the provider Tech FIS

Billon signed a letter of intent (LOI) with the international financial services provider Fidelity National Information Services Inc. ( FIS), with the goal of integrating blockchain technological solutions. Billon, who refers to himself as a "civilized blockchain" company, will work with FIS to explore the development of joint products and sales opportunities that could use blockchain technology.

Winners And Losers

The cryptographic markets were successful this week, with Bitcoin briefly falling below $ 7,000 and that Ethereum was selling close to $ 400. The total capitalization of market is about $ 256 million for the duration of the press.

The three best gainers of the week are Theta's Token, by itself and the Token of Huobi. The three best losers of the week are Cryptonex, ChainLink and Mithril.

For more information on cryptography prices, be sure to read Cointelegraph's market analysis.

FUD of the Week

The Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman thinks it is possible the total collapse Collapse

Paul Krugman, an economist who won the award Nobel Prize in Economics in 2008, he explained his position as a "cryptic skeptic" in a New York Times article this week. According to Krugman, cryptography craze is shifting the monetary system back 300 years. Krugman noted that high transaction costs and lack of tethering mean that cryptographic markets have the potential to "collapse" if people decide that Bitcoins are suddenly "worthless."

NYSE Trader believes Bitcoin has a "Long Way To Go" to become mainstream

Alan Valdes, senior partner at the international consulting firm Silverbear Capital and NYSE dealer, said in an interview this week the Bitcoin wallets seem "very uncertain at best" when asked about the intentions of Wall Street with cryptocurrencies. According to Valdes, Bitcoin has a "long way to go" before the public gets involved.

Mike Novogratz's Crypto Merchant Bank shares fall 20% after trading debut

Mike Novogratz-focused merchant bank shares fell 20 percent after their debut in trading on the largest Canadian stock exchange this week. Galaxy Digital LP trades a "Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd" under the ticker GLXY of the stock exchange, slightly renamed after Novogratz opted to protect the quote through a so-called "reverse inversion".

Goldman Sachs 2018 Market Outlook Report Called Crypto Mania "Unsteady"

According to a Goldman Sachs Investment Strategy Group's July 2018 report, Bitcoin and the "crypto-curricular mania craze" are one of the six factors that threaten the market of Goldman Sachs in 2018. The investment bank believes that cryptographic markets will shrink further, as they do not consider the crypt to satisfy any of the "three traditional roles of money".

US Sec Issues Subpoena To Former Beverage Manufacturer Long Blockchain Corp

Long Blockchain Corp., the former company that produces drinks converted into blockchain, was issued this week by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States US. Long Blockchain Corp. changed its name in January of this year, resulting in a 500% increase in the share price of the company, but the Nasdaq announced that the company will be removed from the list in April due to the low market capitalization. The company noted that they are fully compliant with the SEC investigation.

The best features

How video games helped pave the way to Cryptocurrency

This piece deepens the history of the connection between videogames and virtual money, from the early years 2000 when the idea of ​​paying fiat for the objects in virtual games really took off in South Korea. According to the author, in the late 2000s the digital value was "no longer limited to nerd children in basements dark. " Now, according to the author, video games are already ready for the integration of blockchain and crypto.

Where Tech, Women and The Future Of Finance converge

Coinbase talks to Fereshteh Forough, founder and president of the Afghanistan Code at Inspire, about his school of coding for girls in Afghanistan and how The use of cryptocurrency offers Afghan women the possibility of financial freedom.

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