Boosters by Cleveland Blockchain for the December conference | news


Proponents of attracting blockchain technology companies in northeastern Ohio plan an update on their efforts Tuesday morning

Blockchain is a decentralized way to keep online records that do not belong to any person or group . It is used in digital or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but it could have other uses, as in health data.

The Ohio business man, Bernie Moreno, said he wanted to encourage local blockchain startups and help current companies use the technology. [19659002] Moreno has convened a number of economic, philanthropic and civic leaders around the idea of ​​elevating Cleveland's technological profile through blockchain.

He said that the event of this week is an opportunity to listen to input.

"The idea behind is to make sure everyone in the community is busy, can ask questions," he said, "and in reality, more importantly, you can give an input if we are going directionally in the right way or the wrong way. "

Last week, The Group announced that JumpStart, a non-profit venture capital organization, will work with the Blockchain Research Institute in Toronto to make research data available to entrepreneurs and to local businesses.

A conference, run by Destination Cleveland, is scheduled for December this year.

"The conference is our coming-out party, so to speak," said Moreno. "The same effort as Blockland is something that hopefully can be a lasting community project."

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