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To listen to Blythe Masters, the time has come for Digital Asset (DA) to spread wings and fly.

The company DLT (distributed ledger technology) founded in 2014 is entering a new phase, announced by, among other things, a partnership with Google Cloud to simplify and proliferate technology.

To date, DA's strategy has stood out among the big blockchain players of the enterprise level for its attention to the laser. Instead of spending a lot of time on consortia, concept demonstrations and the like, the New York company focused on beating the only big fish .

Reached the goal at the end of last year when the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) officially assumed DA to replace its squeaker electronic system of sub-regions Clearing House (CHESS ), one year project currently underway.

Now, having earned the rare distinction of a production client in good faith, the Masters startup wants to promote an ecosystem around its Digital Asset Modeling Language (DAML), which is about to become available with a software development kit [19659003] (SDK) via Google Cloud.

"Having spent three and a half years in the design and construction phase, this is the phase of" openness and education "and [the time to] building a community of partners and channel developers," Masters told CoinDesk. [19659002] This, in turn, will open a wide range of opportunities for DA, both in the financial services sector in which Masters has spent much of his career and outside of it.

"The application of this technology is by no means limited to the largest market infrastructures in the world," said former JPMorgan Chase executive, adding:

"It goes well in all services financial markets, well beyond capital markets and financial services in all other industries that are interested in improving the efficiency of their workflow orchestration. "

According to Masters, there is" a lot of repressed question "for the DA technology that the cloud-based DKL SDK can begin to meet and a" potentially addressable market that is almost impossible to measure ". [19659002] To make sense of the breadth of this market, Masters has pitted a litany of new pastures for DA, including: health and insurance claims; digital media rights; royalty flows; real estate; management of loans and guarantees within the capital markets, post-trade derivatives, post-trade securities, reference data, supply chain, crypt portfolio of assets and more.

However, Masters was careful to qualify it, recognizing the fatigue felt in many angles following the blockchain hype of a few years ago.

"I think there was a fair criticism that blockchain was a technological solution looking for a problem to solve," he said. "But our approach was to work with customers to identify the problem first and sometimes not recommend a DLT solution."

"Web-based innovation"

The DA team recently returned from San Francisco where Masters and Shaul Kfir, CTO of DA, gave a speech about DLT partnerships at the Google Cloud Next conference.

The main objective of the Google Cloud partnership is to make it easier for developers to deploy DA technology, which Masters describes as "A mission to unleash web-based innovation across multiple industries."

This means abstracting away the underlying complexity of cryptography, data architecture, blockchain, or DLT state engine, Masters said.

The Google Cloud-DA partnership seems to work both in depth and in width. To help drive the platform as a service (PaaS) program, DAML, DA also welcomed the former engineering council of Google AG Gangadhar.

And by adding to symbiosis, Google Cloud has joined the private beta of the DA developer program, giving access to Google Cloud developers at DAML.

" The DLT space has garnered tremendous enthusiasm and the developers of Google and its customers are no less curious and motivated in this space than any other," said Masters.

It is now clear that Google is taking the blockchain seriously after the candid comments of co-founder Sergey Brin that the research giant was playing with the blockchain trend.

Google did not comment on the partnership or DLT in general, but a member of the DA-Google Cloud partnership confirmed to CoinDesk, "All Google users have access to the DAML SDK and this includes Alphabet," The Google Holding, which has portfolio companies in a wide range of sectors.

But not all influential figures in Mountain View are converted into blockchains. CoinDesk asked Vint Cerf, the main Internet evangelizer of Google, if he thought that tokens could be used to incentivize users and align them with the objectives of the technology platforms.

Cerf, who was not commenting on the partnership of the DA, but in general on cryptocurrency, replied in a sharp e-mail: "Not yet clear, could turn into a speculation like bulbs of tulips and bitcoins [19659007]. "

However, Masters said that DA and Google share a common approach to solving engineering problems and "a focus on the empowerment of corporate customers, particularly in the workflow orchestration space we have in common. from."

Maverick Masters

To be honest, DA is far from alone among blockchain providers of businesses in an effort to expand their ecosystem.

For example, IBM and Hyperledger are at work exploring what they can do with partnerships . Meanwhile, a recent announcement by the blockchain R3 banking consortium highlighted the potential for its Corda platform to be interoperable across a wide range of industries.

There was also an increase in delayed blockchain-as-a-service ads. BlockApps Strato was also welcomed on Google Cloud, while Amazon Cloud Services (AWS) recently consolidated a partnership with the design studio of ethereum Consensys in the form of the project Kaleido .

Ma Masters emphasized that DA has always drawn its course, adding that the company's strategy remains unchanged.

"It's where we've always been focused on," he said, referring to the new priority on creating a developer ecosystem. "We simply did not approach each other through the same path, just like everyone else".

In addition to ASX, the other DAs have publicly revealed that they are working with the American clearing and settlement giant DTCC and the Dutch megabank ABN Amro.

Another thing to which corporate blockchain observers seem interested is a possible amalgamation between private and authorized DLTs and public chains, with their fluidity of resources tokenized [19659007].

Asked about the nascent token economy and where it could bleed in the business world, Masters said it "does not exclude tokens by any means".

He agreed that there is a good job of research and development done on this, but he said that the corporate use of corporate tokens requires an enterprise-level command and control infrastructure.

"It will not be until the kind of controls you normally expect around transactions and post-trade processing of stocks or bonds today can also be produced for the transaction of a tokenized instrument – whether it be of shares or bonds or a cryptocurrency – which we will see a widespread adoption by companies of tokenized instruments that are based on public chain technologies. "

Never the hard-headed business man, the Masters they would not have been drawn on the merit or not of a DLT architecture compared to another, but they answered categorically the same when he said:

" What I believe is our technology. I combine philosophy or religion with technology. I believe in solving business problems using technology in a convenient and secure way. "

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