Blockfreelancer is the NO1. Decentralized market for freelancers and recruiters.


Blockfreelancer solutions to problems:

Our goal is to create a decentralized transparent, reliable, reliable, profitable and cost-effective system for freelancers, employees and companies, using the Ethereum blockchain and the smart contract. Our solutions include freelancing and the labor market, a skills and reputation verification system in a totally decentralized and transparent platform. Now freelancers, full-time employees and companies can meet without limits, anyone can gain from Blockfreelancer regardless of own age, whether it's a stay-at-home mummy, student, disabled, or need ways to earn extra money. Now companies will save costs and hiring chaos with our unique rating system and verification of decentralized skills.

• Here are the main objectives of blockfreelancer:

• Create a reliable tool for checking reputation.

• Turning transparency into the labor market.

• Ensure that the finding of jobs is free.

• To create awareness of blockchain technology and to benefit it in the real world.

• To enable people to monetise their skills unhindered

• Create a decentralized global employee rating.

• To allow companies to select professional employees in the field of different disciplines.

Our main goal is to make work accessible to everyone and to offer companies unlimited opportunities to choose the best and to help anyone to profit from their skills.

• Blockfreelancer users:

There are four main uses of Blockfreelancer

• Freelancer
• Full-time employees
• Employers or companies

• Affiliates

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