Blockchain will help to create more wealth


The co-founder of Ethereum (ETH) and ConsenSys CEO, Joe Lubin, have said that with the blockchain the company will move "from a scarcity to an abundance mentality" in an interview with the New York Times (NYT) ) published 12 November.

Lubin made his remarks at the International Luxury Conference of NYT at the Intercontinental Hotel in Hong Kong, which takes place from 12 to 13 November and brings together speakers who include the managing director of the Balenciaga fashion brand, the president of Alibaba Group and the CEO of the luxury coat manufacturer Moncler.

During the conference, Lubin talked about how the progress announced by the blockchain technology could potentially restore control to society, allowing for a greater individual "agency":

"We are going to have more control over our identity and our agency on these different decentralized networks and I think it will create more wealth […] more interest in expressing ourselves, and I think there will be more appetite for luxury than less. "

Last week's Lubin comments on the current development of blockchain ecosystems – which he compared to the growth of the Internet – shed some light on his perspective that disintermediation and decentralization of technology can help stimulate the Internet. innovation at all levels of society and the economy "[ing] a self-determined sovereign identity. "

This summer Lubin outlined the processes of wealth generation in the new tokenised economy, noting that he noted a "qualitative shift in the nature of money" that shifted society to a world of "global villages".

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