Blockchain to get his motor Runnin & # 39 ;?


Blockchain, blockchain everywhere – and maybe this is where the road becomes lively.

The cases of use have multiplied on any number of private and public use cases. And in the latest edition of the trackchain tracker, the automotive industry gets a certain mileage. Research shows that the transparency and the immutability that have become the characteristics of the distributed accounting system have lent itself well to this vertical. One company has estimated that the automotive blockchain space is worth more than $ 1.6 billion in a few years.

Different parts of the supply chain could benefit from it and, speaking of supply chains, could the process from farm to table also get a boost? Even the agricultural arena could have some transformation, with the improvement of food security through some monitoring initiatives.

The blockchain has also caused a sensation in the financial services sector. In China, a bank has successfully launched a securities issue. The value of this offer can impress you – see who and how much here. By the way, the transaction has its own B2B niche, linked to billing, which in turn can make a mention of further uses for blockchain, far beyond the traditional cryptocurrency links.

This week was and is not all about established players, though. What would be blockchain without a startup or two, perhaps with a famous name in the mix? So, a certain supporter of Apple – no doubt you know who – has propagandized the potential of the blockchain, with the explanation that "our approach is not like a new currency, or something fake in which an event will make it rise in value" .

Beyond some selection names, some patent news also came last week, with an eye to security: in a vertical that could do well to have security in an age of violation. Click here for details.

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