Blockchain technology: blockchain technology has the potential to take control of the Internet from companies


The Internet has existed for over 35 years. As it evolved, the power to control its most vital services has shifted to large technology companies from open source protocols that are typically controlled by non-profit organizations. This allowed billions of people free access to great technologies. However, with this change of paradigm some disadvantages have arrived.

The pitfalls of leaving the control of the Internet to large technology companies

Since the big tech companies have taken control of the Internet, millions of users have complained about the theft or misuse of their data. Many companies that rely on the Internet to function have lost their audience and profit due to sudden changes in the rules implemented by technology giants.

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The good news is that things will change soon. Currently there is a movement that supports a revolution that will take control of the Internet from centralized organizations that use blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. This movement aims to remodel the internet to its original state. Technology companies that collect web hosting will have limited power.

As you probably already know, blockchain technology is open source and governed by the community. These blockchain networks are physically connected computers that have a single virtual computer as a center. One of the main advantages of this system is that it offers powerful guarantees of trust that are rooted in complex mathematical problems. On a blockchain, users can be assured that a code will behave exactly as it was designed. Individual participants will not be able to subvert the system. The final check of the blockchain belongs to the community.

Is it possible to connect to the Internet blockchain?

At first glance, the ability to replace these corporate-owned services with community-owned services may seem far-fetched. Despite this, there is enough historical data to show that being controlled by a community rather than society is the best way to protect Internet users. The evidence also shows that this was the original state of the Internet before the corporations usurped power.

Looking at a fundamental vision of blockchain technology design, you'll find that an open source model can be applied in more than just cloud-based services software if financial incentives are added. These financial incentives may be in the form of cryptocurrencies. These blockchain-based coins can be used as incentives for groups and individuals who create and maintain services on the blockchain.

The bottom line is that blockchain technology can be useful for cloud-based technologies in the same way that open source is useful for software. However, this change will not come in one day. It will take a lot of time and dedication to turn this dream into reality. The evolution of proprietary software from open source software has taken over 20 years. So, if the blockchain technology is to take control of the important parts of the Internet controlled by technology companies, there will be an evolution.

The benefits of such a paradigm shift will be great. Confidence in the data will be removed from the hands of the companies and will be entrusted to an open community. This will transform the guiding principles of the Internet for the benefit of users.

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